Almost every house has a lawn that needs to be taken care of. It could be just a simple yard or even a well-groomed garden, but the bottom line is, we need to cut the grass. We all know that grass grows faster than our kids, and cutting every now and then is just another never-ending errand. The cutting season just doesn’t fall in summer or spring, because when it’s ready to cut, then you need some extra boost to this dreading task.

Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

Most of us are not aware of the importance of lawns in our surroundings. Here are some reasons why we should take care of our lawns.

  • A lawn provides soft land for our children to play at, a picnic place for our family gatherings, or just a cushion to our bare feet.
  • Aesthetically, a clean lawn sends good vibes to human; it represents serenity, harmony, and a quality of a good life.
  • We tend to take for granted the fact that lawns provide control for soil erosion and floods, and serves as a protection for groundwater too.
  • It moderates temperature as it takes heat dissipation in a community.
  • Security wise, home lawns can prevent intruders because we can see it clearly in open green spaces.

Importance of Mowing Grass

We might frequently ask “Why do we need to mow?”, and the straight-forward answer to that is, it’s for your own good. Let me give you other reasons why you should cut your grass.

  • Cutting grass is essential not only to your lawn’s health and growth but for yours too. Improper mowing can make the problem on your lawn worse. Approximately 70% of lawn problems are to due to wrong mowing.
  • Scientifically studies show evidence that a healthy grass generates oxygen for improving the quality of air.
  • The grass ecosystem helps filter the environment’s noise
  • Maintaining a healthy lawn can make you physically fit as it can be your own exercise for the day.
  • When grass is mowed, it enables them to grow denser and more replenished.

When to Mow Grass

Cutting grass is not an everyday task. If you mow often, the roots system will slow down the production of new plants. Also, if the grass is not yet ready for cutting, it can make their roots weaker and they will be vulnerable to weeds, drought, and diseases. Listed below is the best time to cut your grass.

  • The frequency of mowing your lawn depends on the season, weather conditions, growth pattern, and how often you feed your lawn.
  • An average is 6 to 7 days but if its rainy season, you can mow more often and in drought, every 10 days is enough.
  • When you see that the grass has grown to its optimal height, then it’s time to get busy cutting. You want to make sure that you cut the grass by 1/3 of its original

Types of Grass

Knowing specific types of grass is important if you want to have the benefits of a well-maintained lawn. Every grass has its optimum height. You want your grass to be at its optimal height, especially in summer, to slow the grass growth, fewer weeds, and pests. The table shows the types of grass and their active growth and optimal height.

Types of Grass Optimal Height
Bermuda 2 ½ inches
St. Augustine 4 inches
Buffalo 4 inches
Zoysia 2 inches
Bahia 4 inches
Kentucky Bluegrass 3 ½ inches
Fescues 4 inches
Rye 3 ½ inches


History of Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is a utility machine specially made to cut grass surface to a level height. The first lawn mower was created in 1830 in Thrupp England by Edwin Budding as an alternative to the scythe. Budding’s first lawn mower has a frame made of wrought iron pushed from behind, same with all modern mowers today. His machine was intended for sports grounds and broad gardens.

The old lawn mower has 5 to 8 blades and turns in a back motionless blade. There is no power that can make this lawn work expect from pushing it in order for blades rotation and cut grass. These mowers have less cutting ability compare to modern lowers, the grass was cut unevenly.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Today, lawn mowers can be adjusted by operators to achieve the desired height of the grass, and be categorized by kinds of mowers. Although push mowers were classic back in the days, there are plenty of convenient mowers options to choose from. Here are 6 types of the lawn mower to choose from. It is for you decide on which is the best lown mowers for you.

  1. Cylinder Mowers

This mower is the perfect equivalent of the old push mowers. Although they have the same designs, cylinder mower can give you even cut of grass. This was made for grass that has not grown to its optimal height or for people who enjoys mowing every week. The good thing about cylinder mower is aside from being cheap, it’s also quiet. You can now stop thinking if your neighbors are bothered with your mowing. Some new cylinder mower has motors inside but you can still go for the ones without.

  1. Rotary Mower

This mower is the usual type that is used today. It runs on petrol that makes it more powerful in cutting longer grass. If you have not done your mowing in a month, then this type of mower is your best choice.

Rotary mowers have 2 versions; the push version and the riding version. Riding version is recommended for elderly who are having a hard time exerting energy. All you need to do is to turn on the engine and drive over to the grass you want to cut. This might cause you a bigger expense but this is the most comfortable mower to have.

  1. Electric Mowers

This mower can be either cylinder or rotary that is powered by electricity. It cannot be as powerful as petrol mowers but it is lighter. Many of the new electric mowers have built-in batteries that can be charged in the same way that you charge your phones. One charge can let you finish a small to medium size of lawn.

  1. Petrol Mowers

This mower has been used for years now because they can provide powerful cutting experiences with any other mowers. Some of the new petrol mowers have a self-propelling feature to reduce its heaviness of the mower. Although it requires more gas to perform well, this type of mower is far superior from the others.

  1. Hover Mowers

This mower is the advanced version of the rotary push mower. It has an impeller that pushes down the air through the spinning blades that cause the mower to lift up to the ground. The mower floats over the glass and the ones who actually touch the grass are the blades. However, hover mower cannot cut through rough lawn edges.

  1. Robotic Mower

This mower is as futuristic as you get since it’s robotic. It is a self-moving lawn mower just like a robotic vacuum. You don’t need to monitor its actions, all you need to do is to set boundaries like wire so that it can detect where areas to cut grass. These are great for working and busy people who don’t have time to deal with mowing. It is expected to cost more but if you can afford it you can have it.

The Best Lawn Mowers

With a variation of lawnmowers, it’s hard to choose what best suits our needs. To help you with your option, the list of 10 best lawn mowers in the market are as follows:

  1. Honda HRX217K5VKA

is one of the most luxurious lawn mowers in the market. It has a unique dual blade and domed plastic deck that makes the mower clean as it cuts into dry or even wet grass. This wheel model includes a large fuel cap that has access to the air filter and easy to turn. Honda promises to redesign the deck lift levers because it’s small and uneasy to use.

Pros: Perfect for cutting thick grass, easy to move, and has a solid and durable deck.

Cons: It is expensive, height is hard to adjust, and needs flipping to wash underneath.

  1. Snapper P2185020

Snapper P2185020 has a tool called a Fresh Start to its gas cap. It releases drips of fuel slowly into the gas tank, and when it runs dry, the operator can snap a new one into the cap. This was made to the preserve the gas and to assure consumers of stabilized fuel during the time of cutting. The top handle of this mower is better for cutting openly wide areas.

Pros: It has the strongest engine, the bag for grass trimmings are spacious, and the wheels are smooth, last longer, and cause less damage to your lawn.

Cons: It has a high price and hard to assemble.

  1. Troy-Bilt TB220

Troy-Bilt TB220 has a cutting option of mulching, bagging, and discharging that can accommodate small to medium size lawns. This model can do a clean and even cut in just one pass with its TriAction system.

Pros: The TriAction cutting system creates a clean and even cut on the grass with just one pass, not noisy, and has a good price.

Cons: Some users do not like its plastic material and it’s heavy.

  1. Ego LM2101

Ego LM2101 is a cordless lawn mower with has sufficient power that can run for 45 minutes on a single charge. It has gained a good reputation for having an easy handle, compact storage, and high power, which are very well accepted by consumers.

Pros: The battery only takes 40 minutes to recharge.

Cons: Manufacturers doesn’t have an online search for a service center places.

  1. Husqvarna HU800AWDH

Husqvarna HU800AWDH features an engine from Honda and an all-wheel drive to go through all types of lawn. The deck is 22 inches and has a self-propelled system that produces smooth steering and lower exhaustion.

Pros: Can move the handle easily and smoothly with its all drive system, can save time and energy.

Cons: Expensive and doesn’t mulch well.

  1. Toro 20333

Toro 20333 is a mower that is designed for all mowing situations and users. You can choose between mulching and bagging with just a flip on the lever. Push the handle firmly and it will move faster and then back off to slow it down. It has a unique feature wherein you can attach a hose to a fitting and also offer a 3-year warranty.

Pros: It is convenient in its propulsion and adjustment capabilities.

Cons: The engine is small and not very powerful.

  1. Craftsman 37705

Craftsman 37705 is equipped with a 21-inch deck extended beyond its wheel for precise cutting. Operators can adjust this mower up to 6 levels, from 1.25 to 3.75 inches.

Pros: It is lightweight and variable front-wheel drive, this mower is easy to control and maneuver.

Cons: There is no protective cushioning on the handle.

  1. Lawn-Boy 17732

Lawn-Boy 17732 is a basic mower that is simple, quick and has an instinctive operation. It is cheaper than other mowers but it also has a self-propelled feature and a 2-year full warranty.

Pros: Good engine and cuts clean.

Cons: Poor body quality and is not made for longer usage.

  1. Fiskars StaySharp Max

Fiskars StaySharp Max is an old-school mower for homeowners having a small lawn. Experts approved that it’s quite easy to push, an eco-friendly device, and good for some workouts. It has shaft design that pushes grass trimmings forward instead of backward. Also, it includes height adjustments; inset wheels to fully extend blades, and doesn’t create fumes.

Pros: It is lightweight, easy to handle, super quiet and low maintenance.

Cons: It struggles with tall grass.

  1. Einhell GC-HM 30

Einhell GC-HM 30 is the cheapest on this list. This model is made for small lawn or gardens that makes cutting easier due to its lightness. It is 30 cm wide, 7.5 kilograms, with a 16 liters grass collection container. Being manually operated, it requires a bit of an effort but knowing that it’s a low-cost mower, it’s still a good choice for anyone.

Pros: It’s sturdy but easy to use, fit a nice lawn.

Cons: It’s a bit old-fashioned.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Getting a great type of mower doesn’t necessarily mean that it will result in having a beautiful lawn; you still have to make other things work for you to achieve it. Before the grass cutting season come, make sure to follow this must-do list to make sure you will have the perfect lawn.

  • Before you start mowing, check first if your blades are sharp enough to avoid ripping the grass and uneven cut.
  • Set the mower deck at the right height, depending on the growth and types of grass.
  • Fill up the gas tank up its ¾ level, never full to avoid spilling. Also, do not fill gas on the grass, it might cause chemical burn or fire to your lawn.
  • Walk around your lawn, pick or throw things that can block your path before cutting grass.
  • Mow around the border of your lawn, then back and forth in straight lines overlapping each line.
  • Cut the grass around the trees and plantings beds, use a bag to catch grass trimming to avoid keep away from the mess.
  • Remember to change the direction that you mow every time to keep your soil

The Final Judgment

It is good to touch the green grass of home as the songs say. A beautiful lawn gives us the impression of how clean and responsible you are in your house. It’s a reflection of good things that can be desirable in anyone’s perspective. With all the information stated about lawn, grass, and mower, it is important to do it consistently. Just like taking care of pets, our lawn needs food and water. Watering your lawn especially in the morning will dry the grass with the heat of the sun, and by watering means soaking the lawn for the soil to absorb the water thoroughly. Also, don’t forget to fertilize your grass to help your lawn becomes greener.

If you are having a hard time choosing the lawn mower that is right for you, just go with Honda HRX217K5VKA, with its 4th consecutive wins for The Best Mower of most lawn. After hours of research and testing, it was found that Honda proves its quality, reliability, and unique ability by balancing the mulched and bagged grass. Don’t mind the price if the results are excellent.