Watches have always been a timeless accessory. These beauties have been in the fashion industry for decades and have gained themselves a powerful reputation over the years. Needless to say, watches have made huge profits in the market and are among the most favored ornamentation by both men and women. In fact, there are lots of best watches between 250 and 500 dollars.

Either way, a watch could give you subtle hints of one’s personality, tastes, and preference. Its simplicity or elegance never goes unnoticed with a keen eye and has proved to be a good conversation starter for quite a number of people. Consumers like the variety of products, be it a slight difference, the uniqueness of a watch is sought before they are purchased. It thus comes as no surprise that the market has diversified this ornamentation, from brand, style, color, material, and purpose.

These aspects play a key role in determining the price of a watch. Brand watches are known to be more expensive because of their superior quality and endurance. These types are generally the selectable choice despite their exorbitant pricing. On the other hand, nonproprietary watches cost less and are most of the time associated with a faux material. For instance, faux leather in place of genuine leather. Like the branded watches, you can also get a customised unbranded one. Features such as timers, waterproof, replaceable brand options, and anti-scratch functions are just some of the additions you can have while making an order.

Splurging on a watch worth its price can be tricky. If you want to have an easier experience before making that purchase, then this article is for you.

Best Watches Between 250 and 500 Dollars

Here are the best watches between 250 and 500 dollars.

1.Tissot Visodate

Price: $400 – $500, $650 MSRP.

Tissot watches have gained remarkable fame amongst many watch enthusiasts and fanatics. Highly praised for their feasibility and exemplary performance, these Swiss watches have become a favorite for many a people. A classic example of a Tissot watches that we highly recommend is the Tissot Visodate. This artistry coalesces grandeur such as sparse dial,  the logo, and the day/date window. The Visodate is a functional dress watch that will elegantly accentuate your outfit as well as make a statement on your style.

The design of this Swiss automatic movement watch is lasting and is a sight for sore eyes. First off is the stainless steel case with a brown leather strap. As it goes, the leather is genuine and has its trademark hardiness. The hour and hand markers are dauphine gunmetal gray, beautifully complementing the Tissot logo.  A dome-shaped crystal encloses the sapphire dial and gives one the impression that the hands and hour markers are elevated, giving the watch a polished look.

Additional Information About Tissot Visodate

Another esteemed quality is that the sapphire dial is both scratch resistance and anti-reflective. Both aspects are of significance when it comes to the Visodate’s longevity. It is water resistant up to 30 m deep and can survive brief immersions in water. However, exposing it to water in activities such as swimming will affect its performance over time.  Among the other appreciated aspects of the watch is that it invokes the appearance of its ancestors while still maintaining its own.

In comparison to the earlier 1957 version, the hour hand has a distinct trapezoidal shape. While the vintage version had the minute hand pass over the hour hand, the minute hands in the recent version seem to slightly touch their tips. A date and day setting is automatic with the newer version, saving one from complications with settings. One will note that the modern Tissot Visodate has been designed completely in monochrome. In fact, the only part that has a different colour is found at the back mounting crystal where the effectively grooved and adorned golden rotor swings smoothly.

To complete the package, an imprinted deployment clasp has been added to the watch. This ultimately protects the brown leather strap and also emphasizes the watch’s exquisiteness.

2. Citizen Super Jet

Price: $200 – $300

Citizen is widely known for its technological innovations and its outstanding watches. Vintage citizen watches were a big hit in the early 1960s, owing to their fine jet movements. The production of the first automatic watch form the citizen company started from 1961 to 1967. At this time, most of the watches had dates and some lacked them but they were still functional. Later models had both day and date and took the market with a storm. This watch may as well be the best vintage dress watch on the market today.

Most versions of the watch are contained in a 100-micron 14k-gold filled casing with a stunning silvery gray dial with gold plated markers. The dial has three stars engraved in the former versions and applied on afterward. This marked Citizen’s prevalence and was then its highest quality.

Additional Information About Citizen Super Jet

Arguably the most iconic feature of the Citizen Super Jet is its movement. Most of the watches were run by the Citizen cal. 1160 and 18000 bph and an energy reserve of around 45h. The movement is automatic with a central nonhacking hand. You may be wondering what makes this information so special. Apart from the golden movement parts, the watch also uses the Citizen jet’s rotor.  The motor is ring-shaped and fixed just around the middle of the movement with a small load anchored to half of the ring’s fringe. It creates a rare, rather undisturbed but existent power-driven sound when winding. All this notwithstanding, the watch appears to still work excellently.

They also have a very precise display of time and date. The date is changed when the hour hand moves over midnight and back to 9 pm and midnight again. Although rare, some of the movements had a unique aspect known as Easy Change that allowed a faster instrument to push forward the date. Only a select number of people have heard of the Citizen Super Jet, but any watch fanatic will definitely enjoy the special experience of a classic refinement.

3. Seiko Monster 2nd Gen

Price: $250 – $400

The Seiko Monster is probably one of the most controversial dive watches in the industry. Like the name ‘Monster’ suggests, these watches aren’t exactly known for their beauty. The design is an opinionated topic, with committed fans upholding it for its standard and value whereas critics disapprove of the belligerent and rather unattractive design.

The Monster favors a durable diving capacity marketed for a reasonable price. Most of them go for a reasonable price (400 dollars), the Seiko SKX being an excellent example. Though some may complain about it, the pricing comes with features you can’t overlook: an authentic convenient mechanical movement, water resistance of up to 200m, unmatched efficacy and durability.

Additional Information About Seiko Monster 2nd Gen

Although this watch may strike one as intimidating and ugly, its performance is one of the features that make it so popular. However, if you’d consider picking a better looking watch from the same brand, then the Seiko Monster  2nd generation should be your pick. What excites most consumers about this buffy beast is its movement. Even at COSC specs, its 4R36 movement keeps outstanding time and runs at -2 seconds a day. Like the SKX, this watch is a keeper that you’ll fall in love with once you get your hands on it. The collection of the 2nd generation is constantly developing, adding more fascinating timepieces. Interestingly enough, most consumers rarely replace their models despite the latest releases.

The watch is 43 mm in diameter. This may make the watch sound bulky and uncomfortable but it’s quite the contrary. The practicality of the watch never goes unnoticed by the watch owner. You will find that it is very comfortable and doesn’t restrict hand movement in the least. It is important that you do your own research on the various versions of the watch. Why this is important is because you can be easily overcharged for a watch that you aren’t even sure if the model you’re looking for. The market has Frank watches and bad redials which may look a lot like the Monster and confuse you. Also, remember to keep in mind the directions about assessing sellers.

4. Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic

Price: $375 sale, $475 AD, ~500+ Amazon

In 2013 and 2014, Tissot unveiled a new model of the Seastar diver watch range: The Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80. This diver watch was created with more detail, upgrades, and features that have made it an indisputable contender among our top picks.

The watches made in both years have their own noticeable differences. The bezel is one of the differential features. The 2014 watches had a ceramic bezel insertion that came in three colors; black, red and blue.  These insertions are angled where they converge with the dial, giving the watch more appeal. If you’re more into a modern look, then the dial will definitely catch your eye. Because of the new bezel design, the jagged outside the bezel has been magnified on the newer version in comparison to the older versions.

Atop the dial, one finds the sapphire crystal, plated with AR. Though the general appearance and texture of the Seastar are certainly similar, the newer version displays a more advanced look. First off, they have applied metallic, lume filled hour hands. In addition, they also have a brand new date window that is a prominent feature against 3 o’clock. When put against each other, the variations are easily noticed.

Additional Info About Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic

The new Powermatic 80 has a magnificently comfortable feel, owing to its midsize 42mm diameter. This size is classified under medium because of two significant reasons. Firstly, it is very rare to find dive watches below 40mm in diameter, most being over 44mm wide. Moreover, the 42mm diameter fits better than quite a number of sports watches, thanks to its seemingly smaller lugs. The watch has a 12.4mm thickness that gives it a fine profile on the wrist.

Apart from the diameter, the Seastar 1000 is water resistant for up to 300 meters. It also has a valve that enables automatic helium release (because it can). The cases’ sides are perfectly smooth, wonderfully finished with a hint of polish accents. The crown is size beautifully and gives the watch a more artistic look. Given that the watch has hacking movement, we’d say the price is a pretty good deal for the watch. Retail prices are over 900 dollars, but you could get it for even less than 500 dollars if you search for it well.

5. Laco Type A Flieger “Augsburg”

Price: $330 – Authorized dealer, $499 MSRP

Laco was among the five companies who offer flight watches for German Pilots back in 1939. The Ausburg was primarily supplied by Laco, Wempe, IWC, Stowa and A. The market today only offers the Miyota powered designs from Laco. These are the only genuine and inexpensive (relatively) watches. Even though they miss sapphire hands and superior standard polishing of the ETA versions from both Laco and Stowa, they are still less expensive, owing to the fact that they are the only Flieger watches made by one of five ancient creators within the valuation scope.

Their modern watches infuse an ageless look and bona fide quality of the classic B-uhren watches intricately. Unlike other fliegers, Laco Fliegers are pragmatic, effective and offer a classic pilot appearance.

The movement in The Miyota 821A is very precise. It lacks ostentation and is powered by a  workhorse producing vibrations at 21,600 bph. A single jerk of the wrist causes various rotations of the rotor,  so power is generated pretty fast and reserved for a long time.  Its lack of a hacking function may be viewed as a downside, but hand winding was also marketed. This was a great deal, with regard to the price range of the watch. Also, you can see a sapphire crystal on the back and exhibition of the case.

The watch is luminescent after a generous amount of Superluminova C3 is applied. Doing so will illuminate it when exposed to sunlight. Despite its prominence, the leather strap is its biggest letdown. Some consumers say it isn’t genuine quality and others claim that an aviator strap made by Colareb is a much-needed upgrade.

Additional Info About Laco Type A Flieger “Augsburg”

Like the Seastar, Type A  is 42mm wide, saving you from unnecessary bulkiness. The sapphire crystal is flat and simple with enough durability to handle scratches and light damages. Similar to the original, it also has a shriveled look although, in truth, it is a high standard stainless steel that fights off corrosion and enables water resistance. The fact that this watch is rare requires you to do your own bit of research to find out how they look and establish whether they are genuine.

The dial itself is an accurate rendition of the original Type A watches, which have the hours largely visible on the edge of the dial. The colors too are interesting, as radioactive lume is not yet present during WW2, so a high contrast display was needed for legibility in the dark. This watch goes further and uses a super bright lume (Super luminova C3), which is great when your out and about in the evening.

6. Seiko Men’s ‘ Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel Casual Watch

Price: $300 – $380

A single look at the Sarb033 will tell you it is a brand of the majestic Seiko, mostly from the ivory shade of the watch. The watch is specifically a Grand Seiko and imitates its brothers. In a way, it is a standard Seiko, without the grand quality. This being said, it needs to be clarified that the Seiko Sarb033 is not a mediocre chronograph, rather a functional watch in the least.

The first thing you will notice, depending on how well you’re aware with the Seiko brand is the uncanny similarities with the Grand Seiko. However, this watch’s history is more tied to the Spirit line: a lineup of watches specifically designed to exclude the complexity of the Premier. The greatest difference is that while some Spirit watches have battery-powered components, this one is completely mechanical.

Additional Info About Seiko Men’s ‘ Japanese

To get down to it immediately, Seiko turned watch design on its head with this model. The case finishing was very fantastic, but it’s still not the flashiest piece you’ll come across. It also have few hints of polishing on its sides, so that it lugs slightly and protrudes downwards. Once you have this in your hands, you will likely notice the great difference between a low-end and high-tier Seiko such as this.

At this pricing point, it’s something to have your mouth water over. From the dial, which is perhaps the most easily readable watch you’ll come across in your lifetime to the smoothness of the watch movement. Add this to the solid bracelet and the clasps, this watch is nearly unbeatable. Even more so, if you’re one to fetishize over classic design, Seiko definitely nailed it with this one. It’s definite proof that there is still such a thing as an affordable luxury. In terms of pricing, it’s the cheapest high-end watch on the market.