Quick answer: Take a look at our top pick, the Ceptics UP-9KU International Plug Adapter or our runner-up Orei M8 Plus. If you prefer minimalist and light, check out the Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter. Or if you want simple and straightforward, buy OREI 2 in 1 adapters that only work with specific countries and plug types. Our personal favorite however, is the Poweradd International Travel Charger that provides 2 plugs, 2 USB connections and a micro USB cable.

Having to buy a travel adapter while you’re already travelling can be a huge headache. You’ll likely end up purchasing a poor quality one and end up overpaying. Buy a reliable travel adapter ahead of time and save yourself the stress. A good quality one will last you multiple trips around the world and save you money in the long run. We’ve found a number of great travel adapters that you’ll love, so take a look below.

Plug types from around the world

Where exactly are you going? Different countries and regions have their own unique plug type which is why we need a travel adapter in the first place. Nobody wants to arrive in a new place without being able to charge their devices. What would we possibly do without being able to charge our phones and cameras? Don’t panic! Take a look at the plug types in the picture below so you know what plug types you’ll need for the region you’re travelling to.Country plug types from around the world

Best all-in-one travel adaptersCeptics UP-9KU International Plug Adapter

The best all-in-one travel adapter is the Ceptics UP-9KU International Plug Adapter. This is one of the most popular adapter we could find. This product will accept 2 or 3 prongs and work in USA, Europe, Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. It doesn’t have any extra parts and everything is contained within the one unit. The plug receptacles are tight so they don’t fall out of wall sockets, but loose enough so that you can pull them out without much effort. Ceptics is quite good about their quality control and are quick when responding to warranty issues. Overall its an excellent simple and small adapter that will work in most major countries. Just remember that this is not a converter and it will only work with dual voltage devices (100-240V). If you want to use a hair dryer you will need to bring a converter.

Orei M8 Plus Travel AdapterOur runner-up is the Orei M8 Plus which has over 2,000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. It takes both 2 or 3 prong grounded and ungrounded plugs from any country while also being able to plug into any country. This means that you can use any plug type and you are able able to plug it into most countries in the world. The face can also switch to give you two 5V 2.1 amp USB ports which are great for charging your electronics. It has a circular face for the European plugs, which is important because some European power plugs are recessed and won’t fit a square adapter. While a bit more expensive, its a high quality and versatile grounded plug adapter.

Great alternatives:MOCREO Travel Adapter

The MOCREO Travel Adapter is another useful travel plug. It will accept type A, B, C, G and I plug types and will work with any wall socket in the world. It also includes dual (2.1 + 2.1 amp) USB ports for additional charging, therefore able to charge 3 devices at once. Charging is also optimized for different types of devices depending on their charging speeds. Overall a well-constructed travel adapter and excellent USB power output.

Good but not great

FosPower International Power Travel Adapter

FosPower International Power Adapter — Has a number of good reviews but the product actually feels quite cheaply made and poor quality control. Although it usually works, there have been reports of it failing or the prongs not properly extending all the way. All-in-one travel chargers like this one often have this issue due to the internal mechanism when changing plug configurations. It would be unfortunate to have this charger only for it to break when you need it most. This plug adapter also has a bright blue light indicating that it is on, which may be an issue for some when charging devices at night.

Kensington International Travel Adapter — While its an easy to use travel adapter, our biggest issue is that it does not accept 3-prong plugs even though it appears to be able to. This is a huge problem for anyone who needs to plug in a device like a laptop. There are also a lot of reports of the fuse in the adapter blowing and the warranty being troublesome to use. Plus it is too top heavy and depending on the outlet it can have issues staying connected to the wall socket.

Maxah MX-UC1 Surge Protector All in One Universal Travel Wall Charger — Too many reports of safety and design problems. The adapter also does not sit flush to the wall in certain configurations and can be top heavy and fall out of the wall socket. There are many other better travel adapters than to use this one and have to worry about it.

Best compact travel adapters

Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter

If you’re looking for the lightest worldwide travel adapter, then the Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter is what you’ve been looking for all this time. It only has 2 simple parts that combine for 9 plug combinations that will work in over 150 countries. This adapter is like playing with a toy. It may take a bit of instruction reading to fully understand the plug combinations, but the design of this adapter is amazing in its simplicity and minimalism. It’s made of ABS plastic and has a solid feel while also being very light at 1.6 ounces. The 6A 110-250V rating will work in almost any country you’re in. However it only accepts Type A/B/C 2 prong plugs. If you have trouble figuring out how to get it to work with a Hong Kong plug, check out a user posted video here.

Best single-plug adaptersCeptics GP-5PK Worldwide Plug Travel Adapter Set

If you’re travelling to a region and know exactly what plug type you will need, then it might be easier to purchase single plug adapters. These simple adapters are cheap, simple and most importantly reliable. You can easily throw a bunch of these in your suitcase or carry-on and not have to worry if your all-in-one travel adapter will work properly or fit the outlets properly. In our many years of travelling these simple plugs have never failed us and we have always carried extra and occasionally gifted them to those in need. These adapters will accept plugs for almost any country but will in turn only plug into a single plug type.

If you want single adapters for all types of plugs, you could purchase a couple of Ceptics GP-5PK Worldwide Plug Adapter Sets. It comes with 5 separate adapters that will each work with a different type of international plug. Or if you don’t need a worldwide set, purchase a 3 pack for a specific country like the Ceptics Type D India plug adapter. There is also the OREI 2 in 1 adapter which has two input receptacles and is very similar to the Ceptic adapters. Just order the adapter for the country you’re heading to and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

Best multi-plug adapters

Poweradd International Travel Adapter Charger

This product is a little different from other travel adapters. The Poweradd International Travel Charger offers two Type A input plugs, one micro USB plug, and two USB ports (max 2.4 amp). That’s right, five charging ports in total within a small and portable package without requiring any extra hardware. It has five international plug adapters for North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia/China, Japan and so on. The two female outlets support 3 prong grounded devices, although they only accept Type A/B male plugs. They’re designed for charging laptops and larger electronics while the USB ports are mostly used for charging mobile devices.

Another smart design quirk of this is that the international plug adapters are able to fit recessed wall outlets. This can be an issue particularly in Asian countries where outlets sometimes are not flush with the wall and sit recessed a couple inches. All-in-one travel adapters often won’t fit these recessed outlets and you’ll be left in a panic. This travel adapter was certainly designed by people who have traveled extensively and is one of our favorite adapters. The size is also nice, more compact than you would imagine but with enough room to place a phone on top of the device while it’s plugged into a wall. It is up to you to weigh the benefits of more outlets but taking up more space in your luggage. You’ll also have to remember to keep all the international plugs with you (or at least the ones for the countries you’re travelling to). If you’re a heavy electronic user like us, then carrying a larger but compact power adapter like this is completely worth it to be stress-free. You’ll also be a hero when whoever you’re travelling with doesn’t have enough plugs to charge their own stuff and asks to use yours!

Travel tips

  • Most power outlets in hotel or hostel bathrooms are for low power devices. Avoid damaging your devices or adapters by speaking with the staff where you’re staying.
  • Hair dryers are high power devices and are often built into the wall for this reason.
  • Purchase your travel adapters before leaving for vacation! Once you’re travelling abroad, adapters can be difficult to find or very expensive, since sellers know they can raise the price.
  • Some hotels may have travel adapters that you can borrow at the front desk. Often other guests will forget their adapters behind, and the front desk will keep them on hand for others to use.
  • The voltage on devices may be indicated by either a V, VAC or VDC. If a device is able use different voltage inputs, it should say something along the lines of 120/240 V.
  • The standard frequency for North American devices is 60 Hz, while international devices are usually 50 Hz.

Plug converter vs adapter

When travelling internationally (outside North America), outlets operate at 220-240 volts and 60 Hz. In North America, outlets are 110-120V and 50 Hz. It is important to understand these differences to avoid destroying any electrical devices you bring with you. A plug converter (also known as a transformer) will convert the voltage from a foreign outlet to the voltage of the specific device you are using. A plug adapter will allow the physical plug shape to fit into an international outlet, but it will not convert voltage. Just because your device’s plug may fit (with a travel adapter or not), it does not mean your device can handle the voltage. These days most devices will have dual voltage and accept 110-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, but please check the voltage on your devices and chargers before using them. We would suggest only travelling with devices that accept 110-250V ~ 50/60 Hz so that you don’t need a bulky plug converter and can take a simple plug adapter. If a device does not display a dual voltage rating, then it only has a single voltage and should not be used when travelling.

Plug type / voltage guideCountry plug types from around the world

Country / regionVoltageFrequencyPlug type
Abu Dhabi230 V50 HzG
Afghanistan220 V50 HzC / F
Albania230 V50 HzC / F
Algeria230 V50 HzC / F
American Samoa120 V60 HzA / B / F / I
Andorra230 V50 HzC / F
Angola220 V50 HzC
Anguilla110 V60 HzA / B
Antigua and Barbuda230 V60 HzA / B
Argentina220 V50 HzI
Armenia230 V50 HzC / F
Aruba120 V60 HzA / B / F
Australia230 V50 HzI
Austria230 V50 HzC / F
Azerbaijan220 V50 HzC / F
Azores230 V50 HzB / C / F
Bahamas120 V60 HzA / B
Bahrain230 V50 HzG
Balearic Islands230 V50 HzC / F
Bangladesh220 V50 HzA / C / D / G / K
Barbados115 V50 HzA / B
Belarus220 V50 HzC / F
Belgium230 V50 HzC / E
Belize110 V / 220 V60 HzA / B / G
Benin220 V50 HzC / E
Bermuda120 V60 HzA / B
Bhutan230 V50 HzC / D / G
Bolivia230 V50 HzA / C
Bonaire127 V50 HzA / C
Bosnia & Herzegovina230 V50 HzC / F
Botswana230 V50 HzD / G
Brazil127 V / 220 V60 HzC / N
British Virgin Islands110 V60 HzA / B
Brunei240 V50 HzG
Bulgaria230 V50 HzC / F
Burkina Faso220 V50 HzC / E
Burma (officially Myanmar)230 V50 HzA / C / D / G / I
Burundi220 V50 HzC / E
Cambodia230 V50 HzA / C / G
Cameroon220 V50 HzC / E
Canada120 V60 HzA / B
Canary Islands230 V50 HzC / E / F
Cape Verde230 V50 HzC / F
Cayman Islands120 V60 HzA / B
Central African Republic220 V50 HzC / E
Chad220 V50 HzC / D / E / F
Channel Islands (Guernsey & Jersey)230 V50 HzC / G
Chile220 V50 HzC / L
China, People’s Republic of220 V50 HzA / C / I
Christmas Island230 V50 HzI
Cocos (Keeling) Islands230 V50 HzI
Colombia110 V60 HzA / B
Comoros220 V50 HzC / E
Congo, Democratic Republic of220 V50 HzC / D / E
Congo, People’s Republic of230 V50 HzC / E
Cook Islands240 V50 HzI
Costa Rica120 V60 HzA / B
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)220 V50 HzC / E
Croatia230 V50 HzC / F
Cuba110 V / 220 V60 HzA / B / C / L
Curaçao127 V50 HzA / B
Cyprus230 V50 HzG
Czech Republic230 V50 HzC / E
Denmark230 V50 HzC / E / F / K
Djibouti220 V50 HzC / E
Dominica230 V50 HzD / G
Dominican Republic120 V60 HzA / B / C
Dubai230 V50 HzG
East Timor (Timor-Leste)220 V50 HzC / E / F / I
Ecuador120 V60 HzA / B
Egypt220 V50 HzC / F
El Salvador120 V60 HzA / B
England230 V50 HzG
Equatorial Guinea220 V50 HzC / E
Eritrea230 V50 HzC / L
Estonia230 V50 HzC / F
Ethiopia220 V50 HzC / F
Faeroe Islands230 V50 HzC / E / F / K
Falkland Islands240 V50 HzG
Fiji240 V50 HzI
Finland230 V50 HzC / F
France230 V50 HzC / E
French Guiana220 V50 HzC / D / E
Gabon (Gabonese Republic)220 V50 HzC
Gambia230 V50 HzG
Gaza Strip (Gaza)230 V50 HzC / H
Georgia220 V50 HzC / F
Germany230 V50 HzC / F
Ghana230 V50 HzD / G
Gibraltar230 V50 HzG
Great Britain (GB)230 V50 HzG
Greece230 V50 HzC / F
Greenland230 V50 HzC / E / F / K
Grenada230 V50 HzG
Guadeloupe230 V50 HzC / E
Guam110 V60 HzA / B
Guatemala120 V60 HzA / B
Guinea220 V50 HzC / F / K
Guinea-Bissau220 V50 HzC
Guyana120 V / 240 V60 HzA / B / D / G
Haiti110 V60 HzA / B
Holland (officially the Netherlands)230 V50 HzC / F
Honduras120 V60 HzA / B
Hong Kong220 V50 HzG
Hungary230 V50 HzC / F
Iceland230 V50 HzC / F
India230 V50 HzC / D / M
Indonesia230 V50 HzC / F
Iran230 V50 HzC / F
Iraq230 V50 HzC / D / G
Ireland (Eire)230 V50 HzG
Ireland, Northern230 V50 HzG
Isle of Man230 V50 HzC / G
Israel230 V50 HzC / H
Italy230 V50 HzC / F / L
Jamaica110 V50 HzA / B
Japan100 V50 Hz / 60 HzA / B
Jordan230 V50 HzC / D / F / G / J
Kazakhstan220 V50 HzC / F
Kenya240 V50 HzG
Kiribati240 V50 HzI
Korea, North220 V50 HzC
Korea, South220 V60 HzF
Kosovo230 V50 HzC / F
Kuwait240 V50 HzG
Kyrgyzstan220 V50 HzC / F
Laos230 V50 HzA / B / C / E / F
Latvia230 V50 HzC / F
Lebanon230 V50 HzC / D / G
Lesotho220 V50 HzM
Liberia120 V60 HzA / B
Libya230 V50 HzC / L
Liechtenstein230 V50 HzC / J
Lithuania230 V50 HzC / F
Luxembourg230 V50 HzC / F
Macau220 V50 HzG
Macedonia, Republic of (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM)230 V50 HzC / F
Madagascar220 V50 HzC / E
Madeira230 V50 HzC / F
Malawi230 V50 HzG
Malaysia240 V50 HzG
Maldives230 V50 HzC / D / G / J / K / L
Mali220 V50 HzC / E
Malta230 V50 HzG
Marshall Islands120 V60 HzA / B
Martinique220 V50 HzC / D / E
Mauritania220 V50 HzC
Mauritius230 V50 HzC / G
Mayotte230 V50 HzC / E
Mexico127 V60 HzA / B
Micronesia, Federated States of120 V60 HzA / B
Moldova230 V50 HzC / F
Monaco230 V50 HzC / E / F
Mongolia230 V50 HzC / E
Montenegro230 V50 HzC / F
Montserrat230 V60 HzA / B
Morocco220 V50 HzC / E
Mozambique220 V50 HzC / F / M
Myanmar (formerly Burma)230 V50 HzA / C / D / G / I
Namibia220 V50 HzD / M
Nauru240 V50 HzI
Nepal230 V50 HzC / D / M
Netherlands230 V50 HzC / F
New Caledonia220 V50 HzC / F
New Zealand230 V50 HzI
Nicaragua120 V60 HzA / B
Niger220 V50 HzC / D / E / F
Nigeria230 V50 HzD / G
Niue230 V50 HzI
Norfolk Island230 V50 HzI
North Cyprus (unrecognised, self-declared state)230 V50 HzG
Northern Ireland230 V50 HzG
North Korea220 V50 HzC
Norway230 V50 HzC / F
Oman240 V50 HzG
Pakistan230 V50 HzC / D
Palau120 V60 HzA / B
Palestine230 V50 HzC / H
Panama120 V60 HzA / B
Papua New Guinea240 V50 HzI
Paraguay220 V50 HzC
Peru220 V60 HzA / C
Philippines220 V60 HzA / B / C
Pitcairn Islands230 V50 HzI
Poland230 V50 HzC / E
Portugal230 V50 HzC / F
Puerto Rico120 V60 HzA / B
Qatar240 V50 HzG
Réunion230 V50 HzC / E
Romania230 V50 HzC / F
Russia (officially the Russian Federation)220 V50 HzC / F
Rwanda230 V50 HzC / J
Saba110 V60 HzA / B
Saint Barthélemy (informally also referred to as Saint Barth’s or Saint Barts)230 V60 HzC / E
Saint Kitts and Nevis (officially the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis)230 V60 HzD / G
Saint Lucia230 V50 HzG
Saint Martin220 V60 HzC / E
Saint Helena230 V50 HzG
Sint Eustatius110 V / 220 V60 HzA / B / C / F
Sint Maarten110 V60 HzA / B
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines110 V / 230 V50 HzA / B / G
Samoa230 V50 HzI
San Marino230 V50 HzC / F / L
São Tomé and Príncipe230 V50 HzC / F
Saudi Arabia230 V60 HzG
Scotland230 V50 HzG
Senegal230 V50 HzC / D / E / K
Serbia230 V50 HzC / F
Seychelles240 V50 HzG
Sierra Leone230 V50 HzD / G
Singapore230 V50 HzG
Slovakia230 V50 HzC / E
Slovenia230 V50 HzC / F
Solomon Islands230 V50 HzG / I
Somalia220 V50 HzC
Somaliland220 V50 HzC
South Africa230 V50 HzC / D / M / N
South Korea220 V60 HzF
South Sudan230 V50 HzC / D
Spain230 V50 HzC / F
Sri Lanka230 V50 HzD / G
Sudan230 V50 HzC / D
Suriname127 V / 230 V60 HzA / B / C / F
Swaziland230 V50 HzM
Sweden230 V50 HzC / F
Switzerland230 V50 HzC / J
Syria220 V50 HzC / E / L
Tahiti220 V50 / 60 HzC / E
Taiwan110 V60 HzA / B
Tajikistan220 V50 HzC / F
Tanzania230 V50 HzD / G
Thailand230 V50 HzA / B / C / O
Togo220 V50 HzC
Tokelau230 V50 HzI
Tonga240 V50 HzI
Trinidad & Tobago115 V60 HzA / B
Tunisia230 V50 HzC / E
Turkey230 V50 HzC / F
Turkmenistan220 V50 HzC / F
Turks and Caicos Islands120 V60 HzA / B
Tuvalu230 V50 HzI
Uganda240 V50 HzG
Ukraine230 V50 HzC / F
United Arab Emirates (UAE)230 V50 HzG
United Kingdom (UK)230 V50 HzG
United States of America (USA)120 V60 HzA / B
United States Virgin Islands110 V60 HzA / B
Uruguay220 V50 HzC / F / L
Uzbekistan220 V50 HzC / F
Vanuatu230 V50 HzI
Vatican City230 V50 HzC / F / L
Venezuela120 V60 HzA / B
Vietnam220 V50 HzA / C / D
Virgin Islands (British)110 V60 HzA / B
Virgin Islands (USA)110 V60 HzA / B
Wales230 V50 HzG
Yemen230 V50 HzA / D / G
Zambia230 V50 HzC / D / G
Zimbabwe240 V50 HzD / G