The Best Indoor Plant Accessories

Remember the time when people pledged to plant more sapling last year following the World Environmental Day? Well, most of those people are have already pledged about other things by this time. The point is, people, pledge and forget about it- the time they pledge something else. It’s actually surprising to see someone who actually does the pledged service. Meanwhile it is not as if I have not come across anyone doing the pledged services. I was taken by surprise when I came across a family gardening inside their house using indoor plant accessories so that they could circulate fresh oxygen inside their house.

When I approached them and talked about how I was taken by surprise watching them putting in the effort to it, the owner chuckled and said, it is not much of an effort if you have the required indoor plant accessories. It was as if he was advertising. But after researching more into it, I thought the same as well. It just takes minutes to set up a sapling using proper indoor plant accessories. For an environmentalist such as myself, I was shook that I never really came across any of these accessories in my life.

Why Indoor Plant Accessories?

Not wanting anyone else to be in my position, I decided to draft a detailed article on how to use indoor plant accessories and what all accessories do you need to get started. But before that, we must cover some key points as to why indoor plant accessories is a necessity.

1) Indoor plant accessories are best for facilitating you to cultivate organic vegetable at your house.

2) It helps you in getting your work done faster and better. Indoor plant accessories are efficient than manual work.

3) Indoor plant accessories save a lot of time.

Now that we have gone through the essential features of having indoor plant accessories at your home, let us dive into the root of this article! Here’s the list of indoor plant accessories that every environmentalist would be needing so as to bring about a change in our nature.

1. Plant Container

It is obvious that you need a plant container to get things started. But many people make a huge mistake in buying the type or kind of container. Some buy cheap indoor plant accessories from a garage sale and pay a surplus amount in buying another one after its lifetime of just two weeks. My strategy to buy a Plant Container is to get one which is strong and aesthetically appealing as well. Not that it is important for it to look good but it is important that it looks as if it needs care. Like if you opt for a cheap looking flower pot then chances are your mind won’t even water it. It is a person’s psychology that they care something that is precious and good-looking.

When it comes to material, I prefer buying ceramic containers and I suggest you buy the same as well. They are much more rigid and long-lasting. The one that I personally love and would recommend is the aforementioned white ceramic container with beautiful golden pin-striping to give it a nice overall look. I have been using it for about a year or two and it is still rigid and hasn’t given much maintenance per se. The colour hasn’t worn out and it took me by surprise that the pin-striping is still there even though I may have spilled water on it a lot of occasions.

2. Plant Hanger

A Plant Hanger is one of the overlooked indoor plant accessories, in my opinion. The purpose for Plant hangers is not being clearly understood by the majority of planters. In fact, I even thought it’s pointless having a Plant hanger, until I ran out of space for my gardening, that is. That’s when I found this visually appealing black Plant Hangers. It easily compliments the white ceramic container that I went with, as well as providing a nice and clean contrast to the plants.

Once I bought this, I expected a small container but it turned out to be quite sizable, even having enough space for me to plant rosebuds in it, just so that the red would stand out with the black container. I highly recommend buying it since the quality is magnificent and having been using it for a while, I can reassure that it could run for at least a year (unless you intentionally try to break it) even if you handle it roughly.

3. Flower Rack

By the time I’ve surpassed planting quite a lot of sapling, I suddenly took an interest in planting flowers. This led me to buying an extra pair of  containers.

This particular flower rack then grabbed my attention. And since it’s being sold for a fair and affordable price, I immediately found myself getting one. Sturdy, easy-to-build, and beautiful, it easily solved my placement worries for my plants, and it immediately lightened up the place. Build-wise, the quality is really good, being made of strong wood and all. So for anyone who needs an immediate solution to the placement of your plants, I suggest getting a flower rack to easily solve all of your worries.

4. Soil pH Tester

Now that we have had the plant holding indoor plant accessories set up, it is important to now shift focus on those accessories which are essential to getting your plant safe and steady while it does its business of growing, and one great accessory is a Soil pH tester, which can help assure the proper growth of your plants.

Of course, it’s important for you to make sure that your sapling is taking enough supplements to grow healthier and fast, and this machine will help guarantee that. The device does this by checking whether the soil you are using for your plants has the proper pH level, which will determine whether it needs more moisture from water or not. In some cases, it may even tell you to change your soil entirely. Furthermore, it’s priced fairly at $10, guaranteeing that you won’t be throwing away your money.

5. Watering Can

To be honest, when I first started out I thought it would be easier for me to pour water from any of the utensils that I had at home. I did use them for a while, until I started pouring surplus water to my plants which later stopped the proper growth of the plants. Now you may ask, but it’s still water right? Well, it turns out that pouring too much water on your plants is very unhealthy, as is always the case that happens when you use home utensils.

This led to the purchase of a watering can, which, believe it or not, helps in making sure plants get enough water and prevents over watering. This particular model, which can hold around 1.6 gallons of water, is a top choice. Built to last, this watering can features a 2-in-1 adjustable water spout that rotates to either offer a light shower or heavy stream, depending on the needs of the plant. Spout can also be removed for cleaning.

6. Self Watering Can

But for those who might be too busy throughout the day to water their plants (it happens, don’t worry), then a self-watering can might be the next best choice. Of course, the concept of a “self-watering” can may sound confusing, absurd even. But trust me when I say that that is not the case at all, and self-watering cans have been around for a very long time. The trick however, is to finding an adorable one that can fit the budget.

Luckily, I was able to find this particular piece online, which not only helps you with taking care of your plants, but also looks good while doing it. Made of hand-blown clear glass, this self-watering device by Siyaglass is the perfect accessory for those who are too busy, or those who are always away from their homes. With a watering module that lasts for two weeks, this device can help ease all your worries for when you’re away and you suddenly start thinking if you’ve watered your plants or not.

7. Grow Lights

Finally, we arrive at the end of our list, and what better way to end it than by recommending a product that can actually help fasten the growth of your plants. They might sound alien, but trust me, grow light technology have been around for years, helping farmers and agriculturists with their plants. And now, you too can enjoy its benefits at the comfort of your home.

Grow lights are ideal for seed starting because they help ensure stocky, green seedlings. A wintertime harvest of herbs and salad greens can also be grown under these lights, meaning that you can still grow your plants even when summer is over.

This particular one, made by Shengsite, is a 20W 40LEDs RED/BLUE wavelength plant grow light with a fully adjustable goose neck to ensure best positioning for light absorption and results. Furthermore, the light also features an all-in-one controller with at least 5 different levels, all of which can help aid germination at the beginning, as well as accelerate growth and flowering. Lastly, the grow light also comes with an automatic timer that you can manually set, as well as record the time cycle so you don’t have to do it everyday.

Affordable and sturdy, these grow lights are the perfect accessory for indoor plant enthusiasts who may want to take their growing to the next level.

So there you have it, a simple list that compiles all of the essentials you need for indoor plant growing. Of course, certain plants may require certain tools and accessories, and while you need to do your research, this list covers all of the basic necessities and essentials. So get yourself a plant of your own, and easily turn your home into a much livelier one! And get that fresh oxygen!