The hot sauce industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is an excellent low-calorie way to add flavor to any dish. There are thousands of hot sauces and chili pastes out there that vary in regional flavors, heat levels, textures and acidity. Your taste palate and number of heat receptors will be unique to you, so it will be up to you to find what you enjoy. This hot sauce guide can help you understand where to start and what heat and flavors you prefer. Do you breathe fire or want just a slight kick? Find the heat levels you love and pair them with foods appropriately. Learn by tasting and indulging in different types of foods and condiments.

We are always looking to add and improve this guide. Please leave any suggestions for hot sauces in the comments section!

Beginner’s guide to hot sauce

If you are just beginning to embrace spicy flavors and want to increase your heat tolerance, here’s a few starter tips:

  1. Only add several drops of hot sauce or paste when cooking. You’ll be able to taste and enjoy the flavor with less or no heat.
  2. Begin with milder sauces full of flavor but not too much heat.
  3. Trying mixing a hot sauce like Sriracha with mayo to temper the heat but still add creamy flavor. Tastes delicious and adds some spice to any meal. Goes great on sandwiches.
  4. Exposure and building up heat tolerance. Keep tasting hot sauces and involving them in your meals and through repeated exposure your heat tolerance will increase quickly.
  5. A common mistake is drowning food in hot sauce. Don’t do this! Taste your sauces with a fork and add it slowly to your meal. You’ll be able to taste the flavor and guage the level of heat better. Drowning your food can ruin the flavor of your entire meal and turn you off of hot sauces.
  6. Understand and respect hot peppers. With the number of hot sauces today, you can quickly work your way up to the upper echelons of heat. Don’t overwhelm yourself simply because you want to keep pushing that Scoville number higher. Remember to enjoy hot sauces for the added flavor and kick, not to fatigue your taste buds and heat receptors.

For hot sauce newbies and veterans, here’s some flavorful hot sauces we recommend trying out as a base before heading into the higher echelons of heat. We’ve included some well-known brands and condiments as well as some fantastic lesser known brands that deserve more recognition and praise.

  1. Pepper’s Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce is a thick, sweet, flavorful and peachy blend that is absolutely delicious and just spicy enough. If you know someone who hates hot sauces, give them a bottle of this to change their mind. Goes great on anything, especially steak.
  2. Ring of Fire Garden Fresh Chile Sauce has delicate and smoky flavors dominated with veggies. Heat dissipates fast.
  3. Otts Original Wing Sauce is one of the best buffalo sauces ever made. Full of flavor, creamy texture and a gentle heat.
  4. Marie Sharp’s Hot Habanero Sauce is a sour and salty Habenero sauce with carrot-based condiments, a mild heat and unique flavor.
  5. BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce is complex, tangy and delicious with a mellow heat.
  6. Born To Hula makes traditional style hot sauces with complex layering. We recommend their sweet and smokey Ghost of Ancho hot sauce and Smokehaus Blues (which is closer to a BBQ sauce).
  7. Yellowbird Hot Sauce has three distinct sauces that each use a different pepper — Serrano, Habanero and Jalapeño — to give you a range of flavors and and heat levels.
  8. Volcanic Peppers has a variety of hot sauces with outstanding flavor and heat. We suggest trying their award winning Chocolate Lightning Hot Sauce made with Chocolate Habanero mash and Volcanic Pepper Dust. Great on all kinds of foods.
  9. Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (the Rooster) This hot sauce has become a worldwide staple and should be tasted by everyone. Has a wonderful heat and flavor and can be added to just about any food.
  10. Chili oil is great for slowly adding heat to any meal (especially soups) and is extremely popular in Asian dishes. Add a couple drops and see where it takes you!
  11. Sambal Oelek this is a crushed hot pepper paste that adds a nice medium-low heat with a lot of flavor, texture and small calorie count. Goes great in stir fry or mixing with other ingredients. Be careful of the seeds!
  12. Cholula is an iconic tangy blend of Piquin and Arbol peppers that is popular on tacos. Add slowly to enjoy a tasty mild-medium kick of heat!
  13. Lucky Dog Hot Sauces offers some of the tastiest and most flavorful hot sauces out there. Everything they offer is delicious with fresh ingredients.
  14. Bigfats has deliciously complex and savory hot sauces that come in a variety of gourmet sauce profiles.
  15. High River Hot Sauce produces both the incredible Tears of the Sun and Foo Foo Mamma Choo hot sauces. Both are two of our favorites, although everything they make is great too.
  16. Frog Bone has some absolutely delicious hot sauces with some of the most intense heat you can find without being overpowering.
  17. Angry Goat Pepper Co. has some funky designs with the heat and flavor to go with them. Has received a number of deserved awards for their use of fruit.
  18. Voodoo Chile makes some great beer-infused hot sauces among their many product lines. They also have an interesting Bacon Taco hot sauce.
  19. Zombie Canjun Hot Sauce has good heat but nothing overpowering. Very well balanced with tons of flavor to compliment most foods. Think Louisiana style but hotter.
  20. Race City Sauce Works has an amazing Deadwood taco sauce and a ton of other diverse sauce lines. They have numerous award-winning recipes and everything they make is worth a try.
  21. Adoboloco has a delicious line of sauces. Try their variety 3 pack (Jalapeno, Pineapple and Hamajang) to compliment different types of foods.
  22. Cranky Rooster offers a selection of full bodied sauces with a range of heat levels. Their Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Scorpion hot sauces can be extremely hot.
  23. Grace Hot Pepper Sauce is similar to vinnegary style hot sauces like Tobasco/Tapatio but with more depth and kick.
  24. Torchbearer has a big line of delicious all natural hot sauces with bold flavors and extreme levels of heat.
  25. Elijah’s Xtreme has intense but not unbearable heat with full and natural flavors that you can actually taste before the heat comes. Thick with great consistency. Absolutely delicious and another favorite of ours.

Scoville heat scale

How are levels of heat between hot sauces compared? How does one quantify the spiciness of an individual pepper or hot sauce? The component in peppers that is spicy is called capsaicin. It is heavily concentrated in the internals and seeds of peppers. The capsaicin concentration levels are the standard in which heat and spiciness are measured by, represented by what is known as Scoville Heat Units (SHU). For example, Sriracha is measured at 2,200 SHU, Tabasco Original is measured at 2,500 SHU and Mad Dog Inferno is measured at 89,500 SHU. A higher number means more heat and capsaicin. The current test to measure Scoville Heat Units (SHU) is called the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). This method takes a dried pepper, grinds it up and extracts its capsaicinoids through a water filter. Over 22 types of capsaicinoids are measured and evaluated to give the SHU. The heat of a pepper primarily comes from capsaicin, but each type of capsaicinoid offers a unique flavor that contributes to the overall taste of the pepper.

Hot sauce is produced by combining the capsaicin and flavor from various peppers with other ingredients such as vinegar. The type of pepper and capsaicinoids determines the heat levels, flavor profiles and preparation going into each individual hot sauce. For example, Poblano peppers are earthier, richer, often smoked and range from 1,000 – 3,500 SHU, while Habanero peppers are more fruity and sweet but range from 100,000 – 350,000 SHU. Peppers of the same type can also range in heat intensity simply depending on the batch used. If you want to learn more, a good idea is to try peppers in their raw form to understand how their flavor transforms each hot sauce. You’ll certainly gain a new appreciation for the many variations of peppers and how hot they can get. Below is a list of common peppers that are used in hot sauces, organized by their Scoville rating.

  • 0 SHU – No heat, Bell pepper
  • 100 – 1,000 SHU – Banana pepper, Cubanelle, paprika, Pimento
  • 1,000 – 3,500 SHU – Gochujang, Pasilla pepper, Peppadew, poblano (or ancho), Poblano verde, Rocotillo pepper, Espelette pepper
  • 3,500 – 10,000 SHU – Guajillo pepper, ‘Fresno Chili’ pepper, Jalapeño pepper
  • 10,000 – 30,000 SHU– Byadgi chilli, Serrano pepper, Peter pepper, Chile de árbol, Aleppo pepper, Chungyang Red Pepper, Peperoncino
  • 30,000 – 50,000 SHU – Guntur chilli, Cayenne pepper, Ají pepper, Tabasco pepper, Capsicum chinense
  • 50,000 – 100,000 SHU – Malagueta pepper, Chiltepin pepper, Piri piri, Pequin pepper, Siling Labuyo, Capsicum Apache
  • 100,000 – 350,000 SHU – Habanero chili, Scotch bonnet pepper, Datil pepper, Rocoto, Madame Jeanette, Peruvian White Habanero, Jamaican hot pepper, Fatalii Wiri Wiri, Bird’s eye chili
  • 350,000 – 580,000 SHU – Red Savina Habanero
  • 855,000 – 2,200,000 SHU – Komodo Dragon Chili Pepper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Naga Viper pepper, Infinity Chilli, Naga Morich, Bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper, Bedfordshire Super Naga, Spanish Naga Chili, Carolina Reaper
  • 2,000,000 – 5,300,000 SHU – Standard pepper spray
  • 15,000,000 – 16,000,000 SHU – Pure capasaicin

Hot sauce heat profiles

Different chili peppers have different types of burning sensations that cannot be adequately represented by Scoville Heat Units. Each type of pepper can have different ratios of over 22 different types of capsaicinoids that create a unique heat and flavor profile. The Chile Pepper Institute has determined five questions that make up a chili pepper or hot sauce’s profile:

  1. How fast do you feel the heat? Is the heat instant, delayed or a slow build? For example, Chili peppers instantly hit while Habaneros have a delayed heat.
  2. How long does the heat linger? Does the heat instantly hit and fade quickly or does it linger and increase over a few minutes?
  3. Is the heat sharp or flat? Pins and needles or does the heat spread out across your mouth?
  4. Where in your mouth do you feel the heat? Does it burn on your tongue or back of the throat?
  5. Where does it rank on the Scoville scale? What is the measured Scoville Heat Units (SHU) and number of capsaicinoids as measured by the HPLC test?

A lingering heat can taste hotter even if there are fewer capsaicinoids compared to other hot sauces with higher Scoville ratings. Certain peppers and chemicals in a hot sauce can trigger different heat receptors on the tongue and feel hotter or linger longer. For example, a hot sauce with multiple types of peppers but lower SHU can offer a broader heat profile in your mouth and trigger burning in more areas compared to a hot sauce with a higher SHU but only one type of pepper. The Scoville scale is a good guideline for hot sauces, but the hot sauces themselves can vary immensely in their flavor, intensity and heat profile. Preparation of the chilies is also important. Many red and green chilies are made from the same pepper but they are prepared differently.

Once you start consuming hot sauces over 1 million SHU, it may be more heat than taste. Hot sauces are about adding flavor and heat and often people consume too much heat that they can lose the entire flavor of their dishes.

Tip: Hot sauces of the same brand can also vary in heat. The Scoville scale is an average when discussing peppers and hot sauces. It can happen that one hot sauce contains peppers that are extreme while the next bottle of the same brand can be less intense simply because of the variations in the peppers themselves. Your own reaction can also vary over time.

Regional hot sauce variations

Over the past hundred years, chili peppers and spices have spread throughout the world resulting in many regional variations of hot sauces, seasonings and pastes. In Spain, milder and flavorful red peppers are popular while in East Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia they prefer peppers with a spicier and sharper heat profile. Understanding the styles of hot sauces and chili pastes from different regions will tell you what flavors to expect and to help match them (like wine pairing) with what you’re eating. It is always fun to mix and match sauces and pastes with different cuisines to find what combinations you enjoy.

Region Notable sauces / seasonings Flavor
South and Central America Often extremely hot with a sharp heat and thin sauce. Habanero and Rocoto peppers are common.
North America Thicker, savory and complex. Cayenne, Chipotle, Habanero and Jalapeño peppers are common.
East Asia Often a thick paste and used as a dipping sauce or for stir frying. Chili oils, pickled chilies, garlic, sesame seeds and soybeans are common ingredients.
South and Southeast Asia Often thick with a ketchup-like consistency and sharp heat. Garlic, lemongrass, and ginger are common ingredients. Eating small raw chilies as condiments is also extremely common.
Caribbean Often known as hot pepper sauces. Sweet and thick. Black pepper and jerk spices create a distinct Caribbean  flavor.
Mexico More flavor and flatter heat; less vinegar content. Chipotle peppers are very popular.
Middle East and Africa Fresh chili peppers, olive oil, garlic and coriander are common.

Neutralizing the burn

The burn you feel when you eat spicy foods is caused by capsaicin, a hydrophobic, volatile and waxy compound. This means it cannot be neutralized by drinking water, which will actually spread it around your mouth. The best solution to reduce the heat of capsaicin is to consume milk or yogurt. Dairy products are so effective because they contain a protein called casein which breaks the bonds of capasaicin on your nerve receptors. Fatty foods will also help by binding with capsaicin. A healthy recommendation is adding avocados or guacamole to complement your dishes and to cut the heat when necessary.

alka-seltzer-heartburn-relief-chewsIf you are dealing with heartburn or indigestion from spicy foods on the go, we highly recommend carrying a pack of mint Rolaids. If you’re eating spicy food at home, its also always good to have Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief Chews on hand for yourself or your guests.

Scoville Rating Hot Sauce Guide

This list is organized starting from the lowest to highest Scoville rating. This list uses Scoville (SHU) measurements provided by the manufacturer or the most accurate information that we could find. It is important to note that the SHU is not always comparable from brand to brand. For example, some hot sauce companies will market the heat of their peppers based on dried samples, but they don’t account for the dilution once mixed with other ingredients to create the hot sauce. Other companies will base their SHU measurements on the final hot sauce which is the most honest and accurate method. Be wary of this as a 500,000 SHU hot sauce could feel much hotter than a 1 million SHU hot sauce. Also pay attention between a hot sauce and an extract. Once you start looking at the higher echelons of heat, many of them are extracts and pure capsaicin that should only be used sparingly with a dropper for entire pots of chili or dishes. That being said, use this list as a general overview and shopping guide to the best hot sauces out there! Happy tasting!

  • Iguana Cayenne Red Pepper Sauce
    • Scoville: 430 SHU
    • Origin: Florida, USA. Produced in Costa Rica.
    • Ingredients: Water, Cayenne peppers, vinegar, carrots, cane sugar, salt, tomato paste, molasses, corn starch, caramel color, onions and garlic with ascorbic acid.
  • Original Louisiana Hot Saucelouisiana-the-perfect-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 450 SHU
    • Description: “ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce is the original cayenne pepper sauce of Louisiana, with an eighty year reputation for quality and perfection. Blended from authentic “Louisiana long” cayenne peppers, our hot sauce is aged for one year like fine wine. Not too hot, not too mild ­ our sauce is great as a condiment on dozens of foods, or use it in recipes for stews, soups, gravies, and marinades.”
    • Origin: New Iberia, Louisiana
    • Ingredients: Aged Cayenne peppers, vinegar and salt.
  • Frank’s Red Hot Originalfranks-red-hot-original
    • Scoville: 450 SHU
    • Description: “Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce is made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers that add a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavor to your favorite foods.”
    • Origin: Buffalo, New York, USA
    • Ingredients: Aged Cayenne red peppers, vinegar, water, salt and garlic powder.
  • Taco Bell Fire Sauce
    • Scoville: 500 SHU
    • Ingredients: Water, tomato puree, vinegar, salt, chili peppers, spices, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, soy lecithin, natural flavor.
    • Notes: The hottest of the Taco Bell hot sauces.
  • Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Sauce
    • Scoville: 100-600 SHU
    • Origin: Avery Island, Louisiana, USA
    • Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, red pepper, sugar, distilled vinegar, pear garlic, water, onion, TABASCO brand pepper sauce (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt), ginger, salt, xanthan gum and spices.
    • Notes: The mildest Tabasco hot sauce.
  • Bee Sting Honey N’ Habanero Hot Sauce
    • Scoville670 SHU
    • Description: “This bee stings without warning. This Asian-Thai influenced, pan-cultural sweet-hot pepper sauce with a hint of garlic, onion and lemon. Excellent with rice dishes, curries, chicken, shrimp and steak, with vegetables & tofu or anywhere you want a bit of excitement. Also great for grilling, marinades & glazes. And as a splashing & dipping sauce.”
    • Origin: Costa Rica
    • Ingredients: Corn syrup, honey, carrots, corn vinegar, sugar, corn starch, Habanero peppers, onion, lemon juice, Cayenne peppers, salt, garlic and black pepper. No Fat, No Cholesterol.
  • Ott’s Wing Sauceotts-original-wing-sauce
    • Scoville: 727 SHU
    • Ingredients: Cayenne red peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic, soybean oil, water, whey protein concentrate, xanthan gum, natural flavors, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate, calcium disodium and celery seed.
    • Flavor: Thick and creamy with hints of Cayenne, pepper and tangy vinegar. Incredibly tasty mild-medium Buffalo sauce that also works great as a dipping sauce.
  • Texas Pete Original Hot Saucetexas-pete-original-hot-sauce
    • Scoville747 SHU
    • Description: “Our famous original hot sauce blend of peppers, aged to perfection to bring out the natural, bold flavor. The result is a rich, delicious sauce with strong cayenne overtones. This is the sauce that true hot sauce lovers have used since the 1930′s to spice up barbecue, eggs, pizza, chicken, veggies, and just about everything else.”
    • Origin: North Carolina, USA
    • Flavor: Fresh, clean and vinegary heat.
    • Ingredients: Vinegar, aged peppers (peppers, salt, vinegar), water, xanthan gum and sodium benzoate.
  • Tabasco Green Sauce
    • Scoville: 1,000 SHU
    • Description: “It’s all about the flavor of Jalapeño peppers, yet it’s the mildest of the TABASCO® family. Rich and tangy, it has a gentler heat that won’t blow you away.”
    • Origin: Avery Island, Louisiana, USA
    • Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, Jalapeño pepper, water, salt, corn starch, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid.
  • Trappey’s Red Devil
    • Scoville: 800-1,200 SHU
    • Origin: New Iberia, Louisiana, USA. Currently Produced in Colombia.
    • Ingredients: Red Cayenne pepper, distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt, guar gum, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid, and red food dye.
    • Notes: One of the oldest hot sauce brands in the USA.
  • Tabasco Garlic sauce
    • Scoville: 1,500 SHU
    • Origin: Avery Island, Louisiana, USA
    • Ingredients: Red pepper, distilled vinegar, water, salt, garlic.
  • Yellowbird Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 1,500-3,000 SHU
    • Description: “Yellowbird Habanero: Yellwbird’s signature, all–natural, spicy Habanero condiment is a deliciously spicy blend of carrots, habanero peppers, onions, garlic, tangerine juice, and lime juice. This sauce goes well with just about any food you can think of. Yellowbird Serrano: Milder than Yellowbird’s signature Habanero sauce, but spicier than the red Jalapeño sauce, Yellowbird Serrano Condiment is a blend of serrano peppers, cucumbers, carrots, onions, lime juice, and garlic. Yellowbird Jalapeño: Milder than Yellowbird’s signature Habanero sauce, but still deliciously spicy, this simple blend of red Jalapeños, carrots, onions, and garlic is rich and tangy. This sauce makes a great ketchup replacement.”
    • Origin: Austin, Texas, USA
  • BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauceblis-blast-hot-pepper-sauce
    • Scoville: 1,800 SHU
    • Description: “BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce is our secret blend of chipotle, arbol and cayenne chilies aged for up to a year in seasoned oak barrels that once held Kentucky bourbon, BLiS maple syrup and Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout. The result is a complex hot pepper sauce with a kick of chilis combined with hints of chocolate, maple, hops, garlic, vanilla, wood and spice in one giant blast of umami. This is the perfect hot sauce for creating delectable buffalo hot wings, bloody mary’s or enhancing any dish you use hot pepper sauce as an ingredient.”
  • Crystal Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 2,000 SHU
    • Origin: North Carolina, USA
    • Ingredients: Red Cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar and salt.
    • Flavor: Fresh, clean and vinegary heat.
  • Frank’s RedHot XTRA Hot
    • Scoville: 2,000 SHU
    • Description: “Four times the heat of Frank’s Original RedHot, it’s made with a savory, extra hot blend of aged cayenne peppers for a heat you can feel and a taste you’ll love. Frank’s RedHot XTRA Hot delivers pure flavor and sinful heat without the burn. Dial up your chili, rice or even Bloody Marys.”
    • Origin: Buffalo, New York, USA
    • Ingredients: Aged Cayenne red peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt, natural flavor, garlic powder.
  •  Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
    • Scoville: 2,200 SHU
    • Origin: Si Racha, Thailand
    • Ingredients: Chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite and xanthan gum.
    • Notes: This is one of the most popular hot sauces in the world and goes great with any dish. It is so popular and tasty that you can buy Sriracha mini keychain size.
  • Midori Green Chili Sriracha Sauce
    • Scoville: 2,200 SHU
    • Description: “Midori Green Sriracha is a unique Japanese interpretation of the classic sauce. Made with green chilis and infused with touches of modern Japanese cuisine, it captures the essence of Sriracha with a Japanese twist.”
    • Origin: New York, USA
    • Ingredients: Green Serrano peppers, garlic, rice vinegar, brown sugar, salt, xanthan gum, 0.1% sodium benzoate, red cabbage juice, turmeric, sodium bicarbonate, glycerin.
  • Tabasco Chipotle
    • Scoville: 1,500-2,500 SHU
    • Origin: Avery Island, Louisiana, USA
    • Ingredients: Chipotle pepper, distilled vinegar, water, salt, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, natural flavor, TABASCO brand pepper pulp (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt).
  • Tabasco Original
    • Scoville: 2,500 SHU
    • Origin: Avery Island, Louisiana, USA
    • Ingredients: Aged red Tabasco pepper mash, distilled vinegar, and Avery Island salt.
  • Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Saucetapatio-salsa-picante-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 3,000 SHU
    • Description: “Tapatio Hot Sauce entered the business world in 1971, when Mr. Jose-Luis Saavedra, Sr. started his company. Still family owned, Tapatio Hot Sauce has never forgotten its humble beginnings and is still one hundred percent committed to our customers. Tapatio is pronounced “Tah-pah-tee-o”, Tapatio signifies a person originating from Guadalajara, a city in the heart of Mexico., Tapatio is gluten free, MSG Free, and Sugar Free.”
    • Origin: From: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Made in Vernon, California.
    • Ingredients: Water, red peppers, salt, spices, garlic, acetic acid, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate.
  • Sambal Oelek Chili Pastesambal-oelek-chili-paste
    • Scoville: 3,000 SHU
    • Description: “Oelek means grinding. Made from a variety of ground chilis and most often used during cooking and sauteing. Adds a clean spiciness to dishes without altering the flavor much.”
    • Origin: Malaysia
    • Ingredients: Chili, salt, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfite as preservatives and xanthan gum.
  • Valentina Salsa Picante Mexican Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 3,000 SHU
    • Origin: Guadalajara, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Water, chili peppers, vinegar, salt, spices, 0.1% sodium benzoate.
  • El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 3,400 SHU
    • Description: “Its elaboration is based in naturally smoked chipotle peppers and corn syrup. This excellent combination and a new recipe have resulted in a hot sweet n’ sour flavor that you should try. No coloring added.”
    • Origin: Yucatan, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Chipotle Peppers, water, fructose, salt, spices, acetic acid, and 0.1 percent sodium benzoate.
  • Cholula Original Mexican Hot Saucecholula-original-mexican-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 3,600 SHU
    • Description: “The all-time classic from Jalisco, Mexico also comes in this restaurant-sized container. Cholula’s unique flavor and aroma make it the perfect complement for everything from soup to salad and steak to seafood. When you cook with Cholula it is more than a meal, it is an experience. Cholula perfectly balances flavor with just the right amount of heat. We are not trying to blow-up any mosquitoes. Cholula’s special blend of red peppers, piquin peppers and spices is a zesty and intriguing complement to all your favorite foods or in your signature recipes. It is an enhancing experience, not a blasting experience.”
    • Origin: Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Vinegar, Red peppers, Piquin peppers, salt & spices.
  • Pain is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 3,880 SHU
    • Description: “Deep in the Bayou on the edge of the swamp, gators sun, crawfish boil, and etouffee simmers. It was there Cajun hot sauce was born of Cayenne and Tabasco peppers, where the term ‘coonass’ meant French heritage and hot food. That heritage has transcended the past that pushes through the portals of time to heat, to flavor, and to Mardi Gras. PAIN IS GOOD.”
    • Origin: Kansas, USA
    • Ingredients: Malt vinegar, Habanero and Cayenne peppers, water, tomato paste, corn syrup, fructose, distilled vinegar, Worchestershire sauce, spices, garlic, lime concentrate, brown sugar, seasoned salt, onion powder, liquid smoke, and salt.
  • D’Elidas
    • Scoville: 2,500-5,000 SHU
    • Origin: Panama
    • Ingredients: Aji Chombo (Panamanian habanero chili), mustard and vinegar.
  • El Yucateco Caribbean Habanero Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 5,400 SHU
    • Description: “Elaborated with one of our classic recipes based in habanero chilies and red tomatoes with fine spices and select seasonings. Its special consistency allows it to satisfy the most strict palate. Ideal to accompany any kind of meal, especially seafood. Try a shrimp cocktail with this delicious hot sauce. Prepare bloody mary, michelada (beer mix) or sangria with tequila.”
    • Origin: Yucatan, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Water, Habanero pepper, carrot, salt, spices, acetic acid, onion powder, citric acid, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, citric acid, calcium disodium edta.
  • El Yucateco Red Chile Habanero
    • Scoville: 5,800 SHU
    • Origin: Yucatan, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Yucatan Habanero peppers, water, salt, garlic, spices.
  • Scorned Womanscorned-woman-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 6,000 SHU
    • Description: “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Scorned Woman! Heat it up! Been looking for a hot sauce that sits up and begs for attention? Meet the Scorned Woman and watch your body temperature rise. You’ve had the amateurs, prepare now for the big league.”
    • Origin: West Virginia, USA
    • Ingredients: Vinegar, peppers (Red Habanero peppers, Jalapeño peppers and black pepper) lemon juice from concentrate, salt, & spices. No Fat, No Calorie.
  • Tabasco Habanero Sauce
    • Scoville: 8,000 SHU
    • Description: “A Jamaican-style pepper sauce, blended with mango, papayas, tamarind, banana, ginger and ground black pepper, the result is a deceptively fruity, yet fiery HOT sauce.”
    • Origin: Avery Island, Louisiana, USA
    • Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, Habanero pepper, cane sugar, TABASCO brand pepper sauce (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt), salt, mango puree, dehydrated onion, banana puree, tomato paste, tamarind puree, papaya puree, garlic, TABASCO® brand aged pepper mash (aged peppers, salt).
  • Valentina Salsa Picante Mexican Extra Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 8,000 SHU
    • Origin: Guadalajara, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Water, chili peppers, vinegar, salt, spices, 0.1% sodium benzoate.
  • El Yucateco Green Chile Habanero
    • Scoville: 8,500 SHU
    • Origin: Yucatan, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Green Habanero, water, salt, garlic, spices.
  • Orange Krush Habanero Sauce
    • Scoville: 9,450 SHU
    • Origin: Florida, USA
    • Ingredients: Habanero, vinegar, salt, celery seed, mustard, red pepper, black pepper, bay leaf, clove, allspice, ginger, mace, cardamom, cinnamon and paprika.
  • Goya Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Saucegoya-pepper-chiles-chipotle
    • Scoville: 5,000-10,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Chipotle peppers.
  • Crazy Jerry’s Brain Damage & Mind Blowin’ Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 11,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Mandarin oranges, honey, mango, Habanero peppers, distilled vinegar, water, garlic, Chipotle pepper, sugar, and spice.
  • El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habanero
    • Scoville: 11,600 SHU
    • Origin: Yucatan, Mexico
    • Ingredients: Habanero pepper, vinegar, tomato, salt, spices, 0.1% sodium benzoate.
  • Pain 100% Hot Saucepain-100-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 13,600 SHU
    • Description: “There are several levels of pain. The pain levels are marked with the percent of pain you experience. The higher the percent the more pain and less flavor. Although there are chileheads that will argue, that the more the pain the better the flavor. Pain 100 percent is the most pain you can receive from this line of sauces.”
    • Origin: Kansas, USA
    • Ingredients: 100% pure Habanero pepper with garlic and lime, using Habanero pepper extract. No Fat, No Cholesterol, No Sugar, No Calorie, No Carb, No Preservatives, All Natural.
  • Big Daddy Jake’s Texas Pit Smoked Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 14,000 SHU
    • Origin: Texas, USA
    • Ingredients: Banana Orange Habanero, Red and Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Serrano, Guajillo, Cayenne, and Ancho peppers. Vinegar, water, syrups, onion, salt and maple syrup.
  • Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 20,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Pimientos, vinegar, red pepper puree, habanero chilies, garlic, tomato sauce, spices, salt, and sugar.
  • Lottie’s Traditional Barbados Yellow Hot Pepper Sauce
    • Scoville: 30,000 SHU
    • Origin: Barbados
    • Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet peppers, mustard, vinegar, onions, sugar, salt and garlic.
  • Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 33,500 SHU
    • Origin: Illinois, USA
    • Ingredients: Tomato paste, water, pepper extract, molasses and soy sauce.
  • Lottie’s Original Barbados Red Hot Pepper Saucelotties-original-barbados-red-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 45,000 SHU
    • Origin: Barbados
    • Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet peppers, vinegar, onions, salt, garlic, and xanthan gum.
  • Blair’s After Death Sauce
    • Scoville: 49,000 SHU
    • Origin: New Jersey, USA
    • Ingredients: Red and Orange Habanero peppers, vinegar, fresh Cayenne peppers, smashed garlic, Chipotle peppers, pepper extract, lime juice, cilantro, fresh herbs and spices.
  • Unique Destiny Cayenne Herb
    • Scoville: 50,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Fresh & dried cayenne peppers, roasted garlic, Connecticut grown herbs, pear puree
  • Old Barney’s Lighthouse Cayenne Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 50,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, Habanero and Tabasco peppers, salt and xanthan gum.
  • High River Suaces, Tears of the Sun
    • Scoville: 55,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, pineapple, peaches, papaya, mango, orange habanero peppers, water, brown suhgae, lime juice, ginger, salt, garlic and crushed red pepper.
  • Dave’s Temporary Insanity Hot Saucedaves-gourmet-temporary-insanity-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 57,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Hot peppers, tomato paste, hot pepper extract, salt, cane vinegar, onions, garlic, xanthan gum, citric acid and basil.
  • TorchBearer #42 Slaughter Sauce
    • Scoville: 67,500 SHU
    • Ingredients: Habañero peppers, carrots, onions, Mandarin oranges, tomato concentrate, garlic, salt, chili powder, black pepper.
    • Notes: Discontinued.
  • You Can’t Handle This Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 80,000 SHU
    • Description: “Designed to smell & taste great, while the extreme heat level allows your mouth to surf the big ones. The delayed reaction scorching heat is real fun.”
    • Origin: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
    • Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, unsulphured molasses, onion, American garlic, Jalapeño pepper, cinnamon, cloves, herbs and spices.
  • Mad Dog Inferno
    • Scoville: 89,500 SHU
    • Description:This was the first sauce to be declared the “World’s Hottest Hot Sauce” in a competition with more than 700 other hot sauces. This sauce hits you first with its smooth great taste, then burns you up with its one-two punch.”
    • Origin: Massachusetts, USA
    • Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, unsulphuered molasses, concentrated pepper extract garlic, onion, Jalapeño pepper, clove, herbs, spices and xathan gum.
  • Widow No Survivors Hot Saucewidow-no-survivors-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 90,000 SHU
    • Description: “This sauce comes with a spider crawling on the neck of the bottle. Scared of Spider’s? This one bites, and there are no survivors. Its 90,000 scoville units of tasty Asian flavor is sure to please your taste buds. It will also put a layer of sweat across your forehead.”
    • Origin: Florida, USA
    • Ingredients: Habanero peppers, assorted hot peppers, soy sauce, Worcestershire, vinegar, garlic, Capsaicin.
  • Dead Heat Limited Edition Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 100,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Aged red peppers, vinegar, salt, and chili extract.
  • Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity
    • Scoville: 120,000 SHU
    • Origin: Kansas, USA
    • Ingredients: Orange juice, Habaneros, Chipotle peppers, water, natural pepper flavoring, tomato paste and spices.
  • Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas
    • Scoville: 125,000 SHU
    • Origin: Georgia, USA
    • Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, mustard seed, water, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper extract, turmeric, mustard oil, pepper extracts and salt. No fat, no carbs, no sugar.
  • Naga Jolokia 10 Hot Saucejolokia-10-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 134,000 SHU
    • Description: “To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the company, I have taken all I have learned about creating natural pepper sauces and created a blistering hot sauce without the use of pepper extracts. The top 4 hottest chiles in the world come together and create a true Chili Head elixir worthy of the highest rating.”
    • Origin: Ohio, USA
    • Ingredients: Fatalii Chiles, Red Savina Habaneros, Orange Habaneros, onions, distilled vinegar, mustard, garlic, Naga Jolokia powder, black pepper, Chile Caribe, Cayenne, dehydrated vegetable powders.
  • Habanero Punch T.K.O. Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 162,300 SHU
    • Ingredients: White distilled vinegar, garlic, corn syrup, honey, roasted Habanero peppers, chili extract, kosher salt, liquid smoke, xanthan gum, red and yellow food coloring.
  • Predator Great White Shark
    • Scoville: 175,000 SHU
    • Description: “This sauce is mixed with six different fruits, so that the “Heat Bite” will actually taste good.”
    • Ingredients: Wine vinegar, ripe habanero peppers, superior pepper extract, tomato, mustard, pineapple, papaya, banana, water, sugar, real fruit juices.
  • Dave’s Original Insanity Saucedaves-original-insanity-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 180,000 SHU
    • Description: “Enjoy the original hottest sauce in the universe and Dave’s favorite food enhancer. Dave’s breakthrough blend of peppers and spices launched the super hot market and forever changed the face of fiery foods. Its only sauce ever banned from the National Fiery Foods Show. Add an insane boost, one drop at a time, to your stews, burgers, burritos and more.”
    • Origin: Made in Costa Rica, From California.
    • Ingredients: Tomato sauce, onions, hot pepper extract, hot peppers, vinegar, spices, soy oil, garlic & salt. No Fat, No Carb, No Preservatives.
  • Not Cool Chocolate Habanero
    • Scoville: 225,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Dark brown sugar, smoked chocolate Habaneros, vinegar, garlic, onion, salt, xanthan gum.
  • Da’ Bomb Ground Zero
    • Scoville: 234,000 SHU
    • Origin: Kansas, USA
    • Ingredients: Pineapple juice, Habanero peppers, tomato paste, water, natural pepper flavoring, lemon and lime juices and spices.
  • Cajohn’s Lethal Injestion Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 234,500 SHU
    • Ingredients: Red Savina, Fatalii and Bhut Naga Jolokia chiles.
  • Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce
    • Scoville: 250,000 SHU
    • Origin: Made in Costa Rica, From California.
    • Ingredients: Red Habaneros, tomato sauce, hot pepper extract, onions, Red Chile peppers, garlic, cane vinegar, vegetable oil and spices. No Carb, No Preservative, No Sodium.
  • Vicious Vipervicious-viper-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 250,000 SHU
    • Origin: Ohio, USA
    • Ingredients: Vinegar, mustard, Habanero and Chile De Arbol peppers, tomatoes, red papaya, guava, pineapple, yellow papaya, banana, passion fruit juice, guava juice, orange juice, Capsaicin, salt, sugar, lemon juice and natural spices. No Fat, No Sodium, No Cholesterol, No Carb, No Sugar.
  • Blair’s Possible Side Effects
    • Scoville: 283,000 SHU
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin Sauce
    • Scoville: 300,000 SHU
  • Old Barney’s Lighthouse Habanero Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 350,000 SHU
  • Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 357,000 SHU
    • Origin: Massachusetts, USA
    • Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, evaporated cane juice, fresh habanero peppers, Ghost Pepper, garlic, onion, 160,000 scoville cayenne pepper, spices and xathan gum. No extract.
  • Pure Cap Hot Saucepure-cap-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 500,000 SHU
    • Description: “Pure heat without any flavor.”
    • Origin: Illinois, USA
    • Ingredients: Vegetable oil and capsaisin. No Sugar, No Salt.
  • Frostbite
    • Scoville: 500,000 SHU
    • Description: “The world’s first white hot sauce. This sauce is uniquely it’s own… just think water soluble. You can add it to any drink to spice it up a couple of notches without adding any flavor. It mixes right into the drink and doesn’t float at the top like most hot sauces or extracts. Try it in lemonade, soda or even beer! Heat up your cocktail without changing the flavor! Makes a fantastic “Hot” Martini! Use to add heat to just about anything!”
    • Origin: Ohio, USA
    • Ingredients: Vinegar, salt and aqua resin of Capsicum
  • Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce with Smoking Ed’s Carolina Reaper Pepperfoo-foo-mama-choo
    • Scoville: 500,000 SHU
    • Description: “Foo Foo Mama Choo is an assortment of spices combined with the secrets of the Far West to the valleys of the South East. You will enjoy the savory sweet taste of the roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic complimented by a snap of fresh ginger. BAM! Your body, mind and soul are engulfed by scorching heat and the floral taste of the hottest pepper in the world, The Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. Mystery Solved.”
  • Blair’s Mega Death Sauceblairs-mega-death-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 550,000 SHU
    • Description: “This product contains the hottest known ingredients on the planet Earth. Unreal Heat is Blended with Molasses. Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce may fool the mouth in its deceiving heat. Of course as the sweat pours off your brow, and you run around the room like a baby, you know Mega Death was there. Just when you thought it couldnt get hotter, it did.”
    • Ingredients: Red habanero pods, cayenne chilies, white vinegar, natural pepper flavor (contains soybean oil) ancho chilies, chipotle chilies, molasses, guava nectar, fresh ginger, salt, spices.
  • Melinda’s Red Savina Pepper Sauce
    • Scoville: 575,000 SHU
    • Description: “Laboratory tested and certified at over 577,000 Scoville units, The Red Savina packs a punch twice as hot as regular habanero and 65 times as hot as Jalapeño pepper. It is the hottest of all habanero varieties and the king of all chiles.”
    • Origin: Costa Rica
    • Ingredients: Red Savina peppers, hand-selected choice Red Habanero peppers, fresh carrots, onions, lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt.
  • Dave’s Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Saucedaves-ghost-pepper-naga-jolokia-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 650,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Ghost Pepper/Naga Jolokia, hot pepper extract, salt, vegetable oil, roasted garlic pulp, acetic acid.
  • Dave’s Insanity Private Reserve
    • Scoville: 700,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Red Savina Habanero peppers, Chile peppers, hot pepper extract, water, salt, passion fruit juice, lime juice, sugar, onion, and garlic.
  • Blair’s 2 A.M
    • Scoville: 700,000 SHU
    • Description: “The Original-One of the Finest Chilehead Gifts In the World with 650,000 – 900,000 scoville units. 2 a.m. Reserve is the First in the Series of Blair’s A.M Items and is always a sought after Chilihead Collector Piece… The name Originates from when Blair was in the Bar Biz. 2 a.m. was the closing time and this was the closest thing to legal he could use to get the drunks out of the bar. This always worked…He made 4 Wings with this potion if the patron could eat all four they could hang out all night…Needless to say no one stayed…Feel Alive”
    • Ingredients: Natural pepper extract, Red savina habanero, Cayenne chilies, vinegar
  • The Slap Heard Around the Worldthe-slap-heard-around-the-world-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 700,000 SHU
    • Origin: Florida, USA
    • Ingredients: Tomato paste, pepper extract, vinegar, molasses, soy sauce and salt.
  • Blair’s Jersey Death Sauce
    • Scoville: 750,000 SHU
    • Notes: Discontinued and replaced by Blair’s Ultra Death.
  • Mad Dog 357 with Bullet Keychain
    • Scoville: 750,000 SHU
    • Origin: Massachusetts, USA
    • Ingredients: Vinegar, chili extract, evaporated cane juice, Habanero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 Scoville Cayenne peppers and spices.
  • Unbearable
    • Scoville: 750,000 SHU
  • Blair’s Ultra Death
    • Scoville: 800,000 SHU
    • Origin: New Jersey, USA
    • Ingredients: Habanero peppers, salt, Cayenne peppers, natural flavor, vinegar, Serrano peppers, corn starch, garlic, Jolokia peppers, spices.
  • Satan’s Blood Chile Extractsatans-blood-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 800,000 SHU
    • Description: “Conceived on Friday the 13th in October 2000, during a full moon. This extract is blood red and packed in a unique bottle, this is a must have collectible!”
    • Origin: Florida, USA
    • Ingredients: Chile extract, red wine vinegar.
  • CaJohn’s El Chupacabra Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 1,000,000 SHU
    • Description: “Imagine the ultrahot peppers: Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga, Bhut Jolokias and 7 pots mashed together with spices to create a deadly sauce called El Chupacabra.”
    • Ingredients: Chili Peppers, (Bhut Jolokia, Scotch Bonnet, Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga), carrots, onion, mustard (vinegar, #1 grade mustard seed, salt, tumeric, paprika, spices), distilled vinegar, garlic, spices.
  • 1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract
    • Scoville: 1,000,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Premium high grade certified Oleroresin capsicum.
  • Cool Million Pepper Extract
    • Scoville: 1,000,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Premium high grade certified Oleoresin capsicum.
  • Mad Dog 357 Revengemad-dog-357-revenge-habanero-and-chile-extract
    • Scoville: 1,000,000 SHU
    • Origin: Massachusetts, USA
    • Ingredients: Habanero pepper extract, Chili pepper extract and soybean oil.
  • Magma Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 1,000,000 SHU
    • Description: “Magma Hot Sauce is a lava lamp looking explosion of blasting heat. Suspended in the clear base liquid is Oleoresin of Capsicum which gives the illusion of molten lava oozing when you shake or flip the bottle. This stuff is blazing hot. The first hot sauce you can use without getting burned. A full 1 million Scoville unit floats atop the vinegar. It hides under the shrink sleeve until you turn it over. Remember the Lava Lamp? well that the effect when you turn it over. Shake it up and it changes color, set it down and the capsaicin settles back to it’s hiding place. Made with 1 million SHU extract. Look out…it just might erupt! Warning… Extremely Hot! This sauce is not for the weak at heart. For best results, This sauce must be shaken well to achieve an even mixture with the clear solution and 1 Million (SHU) capsaicin.”
    • Origin: Ohio, USA
    • Ingredients: Vinegar, salt, Oleoresin of Capsicum.
  • Big Fat’s 708 7 Pot Citrus
    • Scoville: 1,050,000 SHU
  • Hellfire Devil’s Gold Hot Sauce 
    • Scoville: 1,050,000 SHU
  • Cajohn’s Trinidad Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 1,200,000 SHU
  • High River Sauces Rogue Scorpion
    • Scoville: 1,200,000 SHU
  • Blair’s Le Million Reserve
    • Scoville: 1,400,000 SHU
  • Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally
    • Scoville: 1,500,000 SHU
  • Pyro Diablo
    • Scoville: 1,500,000 SHU
  • Da’ Bomb The Final Answerdabomb-the-final-answer
    • Scoville: 1,500,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Habaneros, Pepper Extract Apricot Nectar (Water, Apricot Pulp and Juice, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Citric Acid, and Ascorbic Acid), mustard Flour, Garlic, Allspice and Spices.
  • Texas Creek Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops
    • Scoville: 1,560,000 SHU
  • Wicked Nightmare Extract
    • Scoville: 2,000,000 SHU
    • Ingredients: Pure Capsicum (capsaicin oil) aka chili pepper extract.
  • Blair’s 3 A.M.
    • Scoville: 2,000,000 SHU
    • Description: “The Original-One of the Finest Chile head Gifts In the World with 900,000 – 1,200,000 Scoville units. 3 a.m. Reserve is the Second in the Series of Blair’s A.M Items and is always a sought after Chili head Collector Piece… The name Originates from when Blair was in the Bar Biz. 2 a.m. was the closing time and this was the closest thing to legal he could use to get the drunks out of the bar. This always worked…He made 4 Wings with this potion if the patron could eat all four they could hang out all night…Needless to say no one stayed…Feel Alive!”
    • Ingredients: Natural pepper extract, Red savina habanero, Cayenne chilies, Vinegar.
  • Culley’s Reaper
    • Scoville: 2,200,000 SHU
  • Magma 4 Hot Sauce
    • Scoville: 4,000,000 SHU
  • Blair’s 4 A.M.
    • Scoville: 4,000,000 SHU
    • Ingredients:
  • Blair’s 5 A.M.
    • Scoville: 5,500,000 SHU
    • Ingredients:
  • The Sourcethe-source-hot-sauce
    • Scoville: 7,100,000 SHU
    • Description: “The Source Hot Sauce Extract is the hottest extract on earth. You must treat this product with respect and only use as a food additive. This is a must for every chili head’s shelf. The Source is 7.1 million Scoville Units. The source comes in a 1 ounce bottle but you could add heat to 100 pots of chili in 1 ounce.”
    • Origin: Kansas, USA
    • Ingredients: Chili pepper extract.
  • Blair’s Halloween Reserve ’05-’07
    • Scoville: 13,500,000 SHU
  • Blair’s Holiday Reserve ’06
    • Scoville: 14,000,000 SHU
  • Blair’s Holiday Reserve ’04
    • Scoville: 14,100,000 SHU
  • Blair’s Holiday Reserve ’05
    • Scoville: 14,725,000 SHU
  • Blair’s 6 A.M.
    • Scoville: 10,300,000 – 16,000,000 SHU
  • Blair’s 16 Million Reserveblairs-16-million-reserve
    • Scoville: 16,000,000 SHU
    • Description: “Blair’s famous 16 Million Reserve. Named so after the 16 million Scoville units packed inside with pure crystalized Capsaicin. This special reserve was awarded the Guinness Book World Record Holder for hottest hot sauce! No more than 999 Bottles were made!”