Mindless fidgeting has always been common. Some of us have begun to turn to simple toys as distractions to help lower stress and anxiety. Whether you’re a hair twirler, nail biter or leg bouncer (I’m guilty of all three!), there’s now fidget toys to put that excess energy and attention span into. Personally, I love to flick open and close my zippo and spin pens, but we’ve gathered together a good guide of some of the most popular fidget toys currently out there.

Begleri beads

Begleri beads are a type of worry beads that have become more and more popular in recent years. They are usually made of brass and handmade.  You flip and spin them in your hand to keep yourself occupied.

ChainsFidgetWorks Rollie Pollie round chain fidget toy

Made from bicycle links and connected into a circular chain, the FidgetWorks Rollie Pollie round chain fidget toy is a great item for playing around with your fingers. It is small enough that the center part will fit around one fingers and you can rotate it smoothly in a circle. Great for anyone with ADHD or simply an item they want to play with it while they think.

Flippy Chain fidget toy

The Flippy Chain fidget toy is essentially interlocking chain links that will gives you hours of fidgeting enjoyment. They are stainless steel so they will last a very long time and have silicone o-rings for additional grip. This is a great everyday carry item and an easy way to help keep yourself focused or distracted, whichever you are trying to do.

Fidget cubeFidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is designed to keep your fingers busy whether you love to click, flick or spin objects in your hands. It is made of a high quality plastic that is durable and will last you a long time. This type of cube is great because it has a variety of tactile surfaces to help relieve anxiety and help you focus. The design was inspired by traditional worry stones that help lower anxiety by rubbing and playing with them in your hand.

Fidget diceFidget Dice

This Fidget Dice is similar to the fidget cube in that it has a number of different buttons, clickers and surfaces for whatever tactile feeling you’re craving. In total it has 12 sides to keep your fingers and mind busy and fits comfortably in your pocket.

Fidget spinnerYomaxer Tri-Spinner fidget toy

The Yomaxer Tri-Spinner fidget toy is a 3D printed spinner that can spin very quickly in your hand. The center has a ceramic bearing that allows you to spin the entire object with your fingers. You can easily stop and start the tri-spinner or continuously keep it spinning by striking it with your hand while you think. Its another great way to relieve stress and help you focus fidgeting hands.

Fidget Spinner

This is another Fidget Spinner but made from high quality CNC milled titanium. It is highly durable and corrosion resistant. The center is concave and made of brass which allows you to hold it comfortably without losing your grip. This product is handmade, compact and lightweight — perfect as an everyday carry pocket item. If you love to spin objects, this is one of the best and highest quality fidget toys you can find. It also just feels great in your hands and doesn’t make any noise while spinning it with your fingers.

Magnetic ballsMagnetic ball sculpture

Personally, Magnetic sculpture is a really fun stress reliever and great creative toy for anyone including heavy fidgeters. This magnetic sculpture set has 160 stainless steel balls in varying sizes with a magnetic base. You can move the balls into creative shapes and designs and test the limits of magnetism with this morphing magnetic sculpture. This is not an everyday carry item, but something you can play with at home on a table.

Stress balls

Friendly Swede stress ball

You can find stress balls in all shapes, sizes and firmness levels, but we highly recommend the Friendly Swede stress ball. Squeezing one of these rubber balls is a highly effective method for relieving stress. These particular stress balls were designed in Sweden in an egg shape (2.5″ x 1.75″) with a textured surface for a comfortable fit in your hand. This set of stress balls comes in a 3 pack with different resistance levels: soft (yellow), medium (red) and firm (blue). Flexing this ball is also a great way to relieve joint paint and help strengthen the muscles in your fingers and hand. Overall a very useful stress ball set to keep your hands busy.

Spin topsForeverSpin Titanium Spinning Top

Becoming mesmerized watching the ForeverSpin Titanium Spinning Top can be a very relaxing way to spend your time. These gorgeous, minimalist spinning tops are CNC-machined, very high quality and perfectly balanced. They are made in Canada from a number of different materials including aluminum, bronze, black zirconium or stainless steel and about 1.5″ tall. On most surfaces they are able to spin on average for about one minute. It’s a neat little item that is fun to spin when you might be feeling a little stressed or bored.

Spinner ringsSpinner rings

Spinner rings are a great inconspicuous fidget toy for anyone. These rings have a band that rotates around allowing you to spin them on your finger whenever you’re getting that fidget itch. Great for any ADHD sufferer and helps to keep yourself focused.

Ring toysRing fidget toy

The Ring fidget toy is comprised of two intertwined stainless steel rings with silicon bands that are great for fidgety fingers. While these rings may seem simple, they surprisingly have a large number of moves you can make with them. They are also discreet, durable, quiet and lightweight. Simply roll them through your fingers to help yourself focus on the task at hand. Whether you’re in class or in a business meeting, this fidget toy is satisfying and soothing. Highly recommended for both ADHD sufferers and anxiety prone individuals.

Bouncy bandsBouncy bands fidget toy

Bouncy bands are typically used with hyperactive kids who are prone to fidgeting while sitting. This fidget toy is essentially a strong rubber band that is attached to the legs of a student’s chair or desk. These simple bands are popular with students who are distracted easily by letting them do something with their feet during class. Instead of a fidget toy that will occupy their hands, this rubber band helps them focus on their schoolwork and lets them use any extra energy with their feet. Great for any kid who likes to rock their chair back and forth or bounce their foot/leg. Personally I would have loved one of these when I was younger as I could never stop fidgeting and moving in my seat! They are also very simple to install — just slide the loops over the legs. Any parent or teach will love having one of these for any energetic child.