Nobody really understands the joys of washing a car other than the owner of the car him or herself. There is a certain pleasure to be found in the whole process of seeing your car glimmeringly clean, a crude satisfaction that can perhaps be traced back to our prehistoric ancestors. If you have a car that you really love, then chances are high you’ve experienced this before – whether you did the cleaning yourself or just headed to a shop and had it done by proud machines. Fortunately, the best car wash soap came into existence. Besides, who wants to be the guy driving around a dirty, groggy mess of a car around?

If you aren’t in the business of getting shamed because of your choice of keeping your care filthy, then perhaps it would help to remember that cleanliness is the most undeniably significant trait that showcases our aptitude in managerial responsibility. As such, basic neatness should be practiced when handling ourselves and our possessions. Whatever amount of care we show while handling such will give anyone easy hints to pick up concerning our leadership ability and most importantly, our overall hygiene.

A car, for instance, is one of the most commonly used means of transport in the modern-day world. Safe to say, quite a number of people will primarily judge your responsibility based on how well you maintain it. While a well-polished car will draw attention and positive commentary from others, a mucky car will receive the obverse. This being said, more motorists have taken the initiative to clean their cars and the demand for car wash soap has gone higher by the day.

Why wash your car?

Although car washing is often depicted as boring and unnecessary, you can gain bountiful pleasure in simply scrubbing your car and taking pride in driving a spotless one at that. Other than remarkably enhancing the beauty of your car, regular cleaning will lengthen the lifespan of your paint and veneer, therefore entrusting you with a car that will still look amazing over the years to come.

However, disregard for maintaining the exterior and paint job of your car will inevitably lead to irreversible damage. Habitual cleaning is inarguably one of the optimum methods of keeping your car’s lacquer and will give it a lasting new look. In case you skip out on washing your car, there are higher chances of your car getting deep scratches and havoc that will more often that not mitigate the paint and ultimately lead to the formation of rust. Washing your car is the primary step to keeping it in good shape. For this reason, selecting the right kind of soap is an excellent dawning.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

For starters, you should make sure that you wash your car routinely, preferably weekly scrubbing as it is the most approved frequency. Winter is an especially important season to clean your car. The cold may pose a challenge but leaving it unattended will severely damage the paint. Thanks to the salt and other road management that are used to prevent the formation of ice and snow. It is also important to note that the ice and snow will take the edge off your paint and leave unwanted scratches and residuals that are difficult to rid of. A regular cleansing routine will make certain that such corrosive substances will not leave devastating impact.

One of the most common mistakes made when washing cars is using dish soap. The reason behind this is that dish soap can critically wreck the paint and completely strip off the glaze. Moreover, it will rip out the sealants that protect your vehicle’s paint from external factors. Choosing a select wash soap that is individually drawn for vehicles will maintain its paint and veneer. This is assuredly the best way to guarantee your car a great look every day. Before delving into the details of choosing the best car wash soap, here are some of the things you should keep in mind as well

Must Have Items for Washing


It is essential to own high-quality soap that is capable of blotting out the grease and dirt but mild enough on your paint and coating. The car’s paint, wheels, and tires will require a different type of soap when washing.

This is because the wheels and tires have grime and tar which need flinty ingredients. One should steer clear of dish solvents and glass cleaners when cleaning because they will destroy the paint and ravage the wax and adhesives. The dashboard and leather should also have their separate soaps when washing.

Two Buckets.

Washing your vehicle by hand can be a bit tricky. This being the case, two buckets will come in handy; one for the soapy water and the other for cleaning the washing materials. If you inadvertently dunk the filthy sponge in the soapy water, a residue can form and damage the paint in the process

Two Sponges or Mitts

It is important to have two sponges to clean individual places. In this case, one of the sponges should be strictly used for the paint and windows while the other will only work on the wheels and tires. The tar and grime sticking on the wheels are hard to remove from the mittens or sponges and can further lead wreck havoc on the paint. The solvents used for scrubbing the tires are also quite craggy and can also tamper with the paint.

Pressure Washer

Most car fanatics would choose the pressure washer over the manual handling anytime. The pressure washer is easy to use and gets the job done fast, earning it a number of fans. For the reason that a high setting will damage the paint, it is safer to adjust it to a low setting to enable a faster, stronger stream that will securely remove the filth. You also have the option of adding soap to the pressure washer if you want to simultaneously clean and rinse.

Drying Towel

You should dry your car straight away after washing. Air drying your vehicle will lead to the formation of water spots that are can be hard to remove. A cautionary measure to remember is to never use rough fabrics or soap on the car’s paint, as doing so could create scratches that need can only be repaired using complex compounds.

Two Most Important Ingredients

Now that you’re set with your washing equipment, the next phase is knowing the most important ingredients of a good formula. A good recipe is mild on the car and won’t leave acidic remains on it. The safest way of selecting a car wash soap based on this is by taking a look at its pH. A formula that has well-balanced pH grants a neutral pH of 7, which won’t leave any excess.

You can also consider ecological cleansing agent do a pretty good job of scrubbing with mild recipes that neither wreck the paint nor leave pairings. To try it out practically, move your fingers along the paint’s exterior after washing. A rough feel is a likely indication that you should switch your cleanser for a deep cleaning solvent to remove the residue from the vehicle. The residue will accumulate over time if you don’t use high-quality soap.

A soap that produces heavy foam should always be among your picks. This is considered one of the best pros of such soap, as it does most of the work for you. The fluff loosens and rips out the dirt and other impurities on the car’s paint. As soon as the dirt is loosened, it will sit on the foam until it is wiped or rinsed off. Wiping off the dirt is way easier than scrubbing it off which could also wreck the paint.

How to Select The Best Car Wash Soap

The first step in choosing a car wash soap is ensuring that it is not a detergent. The major downside of this is that using soaps that aren’t meant for washing vehicles can tear off the shielding wax and sealants on the car. The end result will be noticeably duller car rather than a shiny one. As a result of this, you should ensure that all cleansers you purchase are properly diluted, according to the recommendations.

Dishwashing solvent will rip off the adhesives from your vehicle, thereby promoting oxidation. Eventually, the rubber, plastic, and vinyl on the car will be damaged, leading to poor performance.

It is also important to note that some car wash soaps are made from harmful ingredients and will require extra caution when handling. There are also some that are purchasable in ecological or raw elements that are environmental friendly. Interestingly enough, the biodegradable car wash soaps do as good a job as those with harsher elements.

Automatic vs Manual Wash

Picking between an automatic and a manual car wash is mostly based on preference. While many prefer an automatic car wash, the latter has some disadvantages of its own. The automated car washes are cherished for their convenience and speed. Despite their popularity, they are majorly blamed for causing scratches and rip off the car’s paint.

This is attributed to the fact that the brushes used are made from a rough material that affects the veneer and paint job. If you frequently visit the carwash, it is better to choose one that is brushless. Fortunately, not all car washes are similar in operation, so make a point to enquire their cleansing method before causing your car unnecessary damage.

Cleaning Cloth

There are mitts and fabrics that you can use to wash your vehicle. The microfiber mitts are by far our best pick, owing to their durability and efficacy. They have an unexampled ability to clean off the filth from the car, and also possess the gentleness that ensures no scratches are left. Using bristled brushes that aren’t designated for vehicles can leave marks and scratches on the car that will have to be removed.

Drying Cloth

As mentioned earlier, leaving your car out to dry will leave water spots that can be hard to remove. Therefore, drying your car should automatically come as the first feasible method of preventing this. One should consider the texture of the fabric before using it. A soft and permeable material the will finish the job just right and will also go easy on the paint.

We highly recommend microfiber towels (as with the mittens) that are large enough to sponge up large and wring out large quantities of water. This will enable you to dry the car faster without worrying about leaving water spots. Towels purely made from cotton are another great pick. Apart from these, others also prefer using a squeegee. A softly edged one is more favored as they clean up any accumulating water and will fasten the drying process.

Best Car Wash Soap of 2018

Adam’s Polishes Car Shampoo

The Adam’s Polishes Car Shampoo claims our top spot, beating the other contestants by a clear margin. This is hands down our favorite pick as it displayed its superior, unmatched qualities. Its formula stole our hearts on the first try, as it completely cleaned the car and didn’t leave a single spot behind. Moreover, it is biodegradable and was a huge hit with many users due to its efficiency.

This car wash produces the perfect amount of foam to clean off the grime and filth. After wiping it off, it left the paint shiny and gave the car a great new look. It is made in different sizes but the gallon size is the best choice in this case. In the long run, this purchase will have helped you save more money and the soap will last a long while. Another alluring quality of this soap is that its formula is pH neutral and therefore won’t damage the paint.

It is very sleek and doesn’t leave any marks on the car, even in roasting heat, as is the case with quite a number of formulas. Adam’s polishes majorly specialize in automotive detailing supplies and have assembled all the equipment to lessen the workload and enhance its resourcefulness.

Meguiars G7164 Class Shampoo Conditioner

The Meguiars G7164 Class Shampoo Conditioner is among our top picks because of its potency. This formula cleans while conditioning the paint in just one step. Its prevalence is not only based on this but also its capability of perfectly cleaning the vehicle without stripping off the wax and other sealants. As with Adam’s Polishes, the Meguiars G7164 is also strong enough to get rid of filth along with other impurities that stick on the car while driving.

The conditioner is well built into the formula, and also comes with the shampoo. The work of the conditioner is to give the paint a fresh look and glow without regular waxing.  Unlike our top pick, the G7164 Class bottle comes in a 64 uncia size. The selected concentration is one ounce ( four cupfuls) per gallon of water. This will produce 64 gallons of solvent that will last for about six months. Being economical and with a high concentration, the G7164 is a select for many experienced detailers.

The formula produces enough foam and suds to smoothen your vehicle. The suds are responsible for lifting the filth and enhance the ease of cleanliness. Our favorite part is that the suds last the entire time during washing and will clean both small and big cars equally well. One can clean a whole car, taking into account the recommended concentration to properly dilute it. The soap is non-detergent and thus won’t leave any scratches on your car. This is oftentimes a difficult quality to find with other soaps, and this characteristic is more the reason to consider buying the Meguiars G7164.

Additional Information: 

Though the Adam polishers do a great job when it comes to manual washing, its runner-up also puts on a good show in this sector. Alternatively, you can use this together with a power washer. In the event that you cogitate about using the power washer, ensure that you choose a low-pressure setting that will be gentle on your paint as doing contrariwise will damage it.  Yet another appealing detail that attracts so many clientele is the amazing effect of the conditioner. This ingredient gives the vehicle an impressive finish and will give the car a beautiful radiance.

All in all, the Meguiars is a decent car wash soap that will finish the job properly and is definitely worth your money.

Griots Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish

The Griots Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish is another select in our list. What really made it a hit with us was that it had an accurate and balanced pH formula. Obviously, the formula did a fine job that didn’t do the paint any harm or rip off the wax. As mentioned before, the pH plays a vital role in maintaining the state of your car. I cannot emphasize enough the essence of choosing a balanced pH.

If you make light of this aspect, you are likely to find that your car has lost its shine and has a dull look. A good quality soap with a balanced pH won’t leave acidic residue and will give you that perfect finishing you so desire. Also, a bonus with the Griots garage is that it is environmentally friendly and won’t interfere with nature.  The water you use to wash your car will in due course soak into the soil and may possibly alter its composition. The reason why biodegradable products are more recommended is that they have a milder impact on the habitat, and can really help maintain our ecosystem.

Much like the Meguiars, the Griots soap produces a lot of foam and suds. Similarly, the foam sustains its thickness and the suds don’t reduce, enabling you to give the car a proper wash. In addition, this quality also lubricates the car, simplifying the removal of dirt. This way, the suds will efficiently remove the impurities.

Additional Information:

Apart from its efficacy in cleansing, the Griots Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish has an enticing smell. You don’t have to worry about sneezing as it is mild yet tantalizing.  Often associated with the smell of watermelons, this scent is a fan of many clientele.  This recipe is particularly thick and you only need a small amount to wash your vehicle. Assuming that washing is done on a weekly basis, a 64-ounce bottle will last for about seven months if you have an average sized car. Experts are very happy with the work the Griots Garage does. In the long run, this gem obviously earns a soft spot for its durability and credibility.

Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Concentrated

Our last contender is The Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Concentrated, which is very efficient. Unlike detergent based car wash soaps, this product is eco-friendly and has a pleasant smell to keep you going. The formula comes in a gallon sized container and doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals. Like the Griots, it also comes with an in-built shampoo that beautifully cleans the car and gives it a vibrant finish. This ecological soap will also produce lots of suds that will cut through whichever dirt that accumulates when driving.

The suds also do a good job at lubricating the vehicle and lifting off the contaminants. All the dirt remains in the suds until they are removed, ensuring that none is smeared in the process. This will also relieve you from scrubbing them off, as this can drastically damage your paint. The soap smells like a citrus and just requires you to dilute a capful of the recipe to five gallons of water.

It goes without saying that this is amongst the thickest formulas in the market, with such little amount of soap producing enough solution to wash a car for up to a year, with weekly washing. Purely organic, this recipe is free from artificial coloring, thickeners or preservatives. The all-natural formula does not contain any artificial thickeners, colors or additives. The mixture will leave your car with a glossy finish and won’t leave any streaks or scratches. You can also clean the dirt sitting on the suds without using any rough materials.

Additional Information: 

Mixed with a shiny ingredient, this citrus formula will give your car a fresh look and will do justice to your paint. Like our first and second place contestants, a number of professional detailers and car enthusiasts are also using this formula. Whether you prefer using a pressure washer or opt for the manual route, the Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Concentrated will allow you to finish the job with ease. This cleanser makes the right amount of buoy and suds that adequately remove dirt, grime and many other impurities that affect the veneer of your vehicle.

The formula will work in a pressure washer or by hand and is safe on any color vehicle. This soap creates a nice amount of foam and the suds can break down dirt, grime and other contaminants that dull your vehicle’s paint finish.

Despite the absence of built-in wax, the solution will leave your car with a vibrancy that won’t go unnoticed. Clientele praises the high concentration of the solution which increases its lifetime. The recommended dilution is one capful to five gallons of water, which is more than enough to wash a whole car. If you’d like, there’s also the option of separating the solution into portions if you want to wash two cars.

The ecological aspect of this formula earns it extra points and its citrus smell is by no chance nauseating. Consumers fund this soap easy to use without constantly worrying about polluting water resources. For the most part, this is by no means mediocre soap and rightfully belongs in our leading picks. It does have its ups and downs, but those are easy to overlook.