Sleep is one of the most important resources we have in our day-to-day lives. There are lots of people who would be willing to give up a good night’s nap in exchange for extended productivity, but we just haven’t achieved that level of technology yet. Since you have to sleep regardless, why not have a terribly good night’s rest every night? Actually, the best bed sheets can give you a good sleep. Yes, you’ve read it right. Either way, if you want to know more about bed sheets then keep reading this content.

Why is sleep important?

Without getting into the specifics of what sleep is and why nearly every animal does it, having quality sleep is beneficial in more ways than anyone is willing to mention. Right from improving your day to day performance (read: more productivity) to boosting your mood and helping your body better do its job. In the end, sleep has a remarkable impact on your overall performance.

Continuous lack of sleep leads to something often referred to as ‘cumulative sleep deprivation effect’ or simply ‘sleep debt.’ This can further be broken down into two: partial and total sleep deprivation. The former describes a situation where you are able to sleep, but often not enough, and the latter occurs when you’re unable to sleep altogether for days on end.

The simplest case is after a long day of work and fatigue when nothing beats a bit of shut-eye. The most often attributed cause of this is a great mattress. There is a lot of truth in this, but suitable sheets also play a key role in helping you achieve a good night’s rest.

Actually, a good mattress doesn’t necessarily guarantee awesome sleep. Since recent studies have shown a direct correlation between not only the relative amount of sleep but indeed the quality to both a good mattress and bed sheets.

The key bit of information we can pick out from this study is that using a good assortment of sheets is a viable way to fix constant sleep interruptions. However, a word of caution: sheets and mattresses are not the only factors that influence the quality of sleep one has. Other factors such as depression, insomnia, and various ailments are also directly attributed to poor sleep. If you suspect that is the case, please see a doctor.

Choosing The Best Bed Sheet

When selecting the right bed sheets, there are a number of individual tastes that play a vital role. Apart from details such as design, color, and texture, practical features such as fabric type, weave and thread count influence its general texture.

Below are the common criteria of fabric used in bed sheets, and the same that were used to categorize bedsheets in different quality groups.

Thread Count

If you’re talking to a bed sheet connoisseur, the conversation will without fail have to turn into something about how important thread count is. If you’re not in the know, thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of any kind of fabric. When taking this into account, the general rule is the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the feel, and by extension, the more pricey the quotation. However, this is only one variable in the equation for figuring out the quality of bed sheets.

Keep in mind, though, that high thread count sheets tend to be extremely fragile, and as such, most people should preferably stick to mid-range thread counts (somewhere between 400 and 900 inclusive). This is especially so if you’re buying the sheets for kids or teens. In fact, if this is the case, even the 30 to 400 is just okay, since they are far harder on their sheets, and are unlikely to notice any differences in quality to begin with.


Plying refers to when two or more strands of yarn are twisted together to form a single thread. Single-ply fabrics are those made with single threads. The result is often fabrics that are lightweight and flow very nicely. Two-ply fabrics are usually heavier but this depends on the fabric. They may weigh the same.

At this point, it should be worth noting that many manufacturers, in an effort to increase sales without being labeled frauds, started using two-ply thread. Afterward, both pieces of thread are counted into the thread count. This was back when inflating thread count was a success, and some manufacturers went as far as using four-ply thread. Thanks to this greedy lot, the Federal Trade Commission stepped in and made a ruling that plied yarn has to be counted as a single thread when determining thread count. Today, thread count is only one way that bed sheet quality is determined, and of all the methods, it’s perhaps the least significant way.

Staple Length

The best example that can be used to illustrate staple length is the various types of cotton that exist. The typical cotton boll plant consists of anywhere between 100,000 and 250,000 fibers. When determining what quality the cotton grades in, the length of the fibers is referred to as the staple.

Short staple fiber is anything at the 1 ⅛ inch length and is the lowest quality fiber. Long staple, on the other hand, is fiber that is at least 1 ¼ inches long and is moderately high quality. Extra-long staple fiber is the highest quality fiber and measures 1 ⅜ inches to two inches.


Another factor that should be understood before getting a set of sheets is the weave. This refers to how the fabric was knit, to be plain.


Percale is also referred to as plain weave and is made from combed, tightly woven cotton. This kind of weave produces a soft finish, in fact almost far better than all the other weaving techniques. Because of the tight feel to it, if you get irritatingly hot when you’re going to sleep, this will be the best choice for you.


Flannel has a napped finish,  which provides a wide surface area, in turn trapping more air and providing a great deal of better insulation than other patterns. However, this kind of sheet isn’t as romanticised as much as sateen or percale because the thread count is often low. Keep in mind, though, that it’s perfectly possible to find a softer sheet with a 200 thread count than a 600 thread count sheet. This all depends on the grade of cotton.


Sateen is a type of weave where the fabric is woven using a technique of four threads on top and one under, leaving the fabric with a lustrous, silky feel. It’s the heaviest of all the weaves, which makes it a great choice for people who get cold when asleep or for during winter. At the same time, it’s also the least durable of all the weaves.

Fabric categories

Bed sheets are made from a variety of materials. Every kind of material differs in feel and has distinctive aspects that are relative to individual preferences. The best tip to consider when choosing a sheet is comfortability. Though there is a wide diversity in material, the market today soars in cotton, silk, flannel and satin sales. There is a noticeably high demand for these fabrics proves that they are indeed favorites for many across the globe.

Here are some of the familiar fabrics used in the sheet making industry.


Cotton is by far the most commonly used material in the industry. Many people don’t realize this, but cotton, in actuality, is a general term since there are various sorts of cotton sheets – each with a distinctive feel (and pricing point). In general, cotton sheets are more favored because of their softness and airiness. They are also more resistant to wrinkles as compared to other materials added to the fact that they are also inexpensive.

There are different types of cotton on the market to choose from, ranging in price, availability and relative comfort.

  • Muslin cotton – This is a rare type of cotton that is commonly used in frenziedly printed sheets for children. They have a mixed feel, falling between stiff and rough.
  • Combed cotton – This is cotton that has been cleansed of contaminants, while also getting rid of all the short fibers. It is very supple and smooth.
  • Supima Cotton – This is a long-fiber cotton made in the US and is high standard, completely soft, and lasting.
  • Egyptian cotton – This is an first class type of cotton that is deemed the Beemer of cottons. High standard, opulent and supple, Egyptian cotton sheets are regarded as the finest cotton sheets.
Silk and Satin

Silk and satin are rated more elegant and expedient than other fabrics in sheets. They especially come in handy during summer because they have the capability of reducing sweat. On the flip side, they easily slip from the bed when they are not well fit into the mattress. Most sheets are made from mulberry silk, owing to its resilience. In addition to comfort, they are also hypersensitive, making them a no-brainer for people with allergies.


Flannel sheets are mostly used during the winter season because they are usually too hot to use during summer. They are often used to spread beds for babies because of its softness. It is worth noting that it can affect hypersensitive people as it is made with a mixture of wool and synthetic material.  They are made of a blend of wool and synthetic material so if you have a wool allergy you will likely not be able to sleep on flannel sheets.


These sheets are normally the most economical ones in the market. They offer less comfort and have a rather rough feel. Compared to cotton, it is less airy, therefore increasing the chances of sweating at night.


Bamboo cotton isn’t a particularly often used sheet fabric. They are hypoallergenic and come in a variety of colours. Bamboo sheets are fragile and need more attention since they have to be washed through a dicey series and air dried up to the hilt since they have low durability.

American Upland

American Upland is known for having shorter-length fibres and is the most commonly used cotton for bed sheets because of its low prices. However, it has a rough feel to it and is only preferable if you’re not willing to spend so much.


Pima Cotton is a long cotton fiber that is known for its strength and durability. This fabric produces an extremely soft weave and subtle sheen when used to make bed sheets. The quality comes at a pretty hefty price though, at an average cost of $200 per set. Supima is simply a trademark name when a product is made with Pima grown in America.


Linen is another widely used fabric known for how well it improves with age, unlike most other fabrics that deteriorate with time.


This is one of the most important factors you need to consider before getting a bedsheet. There are different mattress sizes out in the market, and you should know what size you’re buying. Be sure to check your mattress size before you go shopping for a brand new bed sheet, especially in terms of height. The last thing you want is leave your feet uncovered in the cold of winter. You’re going to need to measure the mattress from head to toe, then once again from side to side.

Mattress Thickness

Pillow-top mattresses have gained mass popularity of late, and this, among other factors means that the depth of your mattress isn’t necessarily the standard market depth. This should be a concern because, in order to get the correctly fitted sheets, you have to know the depth of your mattress. Furthermore, the sheets may fit but don’t have deep enough pockets (this is the part that fits around the mattress’ corners). This may result in the sheet is easy to pull off at the corners while you’re sleeping, which is not particularly recommended for a good night’s sleep. If you can’t find the right size for your mattress (perhaps because it’s too thick), you should purchase a flat sheet which measures an approximate next size up from your mattress. When you’re spreading the sheet on the bed, simply fold the ends underneath the mattress.

The Eight Best Bed Sheets to Buy In 2018

Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Bed Sheets from Cariloha

The bamboo sheets from Cariloha have become a sensational hit, giving the Egyptian Cotton a run for its money. This came as a shock to most of us as it was rated the best bed sheet and is now the first option for quite a number of clientele.

Most consumers describe their experience as a cozy paradise, earning it better reviews by the day. In comparison to the 100% Egyptian Cotton, they were less thick but exceptionally warmer. No one quite believed this was possible until it was carried out practically. The two sheets have a remarkable difference in comfort and softness.

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton by ExceptionalSheets

The Egyptian Cotton by ExceptionalSheets is made purely from Egyptian Cotton and provides heavenly comfort accounted for its high quality. It is quite pricey and you may be tempted to reconsider buying it, but it gives you a definitely satisfying experience. Once unboxed, they are way heavier than expected.

These sheets are perfectly fitted and come in whichever the bed size needed. Needless to say, they come in a variety of colors, allowing you a number of choices based on your preference. You have to buy the taupe personally as it is not included in the set. Each of the Egyptian bed sheet assortment comes in four pieces and also has deep-seated pockets that enable easy fitting. Every set is completed with four enclosed pillowcases and they can all be washed using a machine. Their durability is unmatched and you can feel it immediately you touch them.

It goes without a doubt that these sheets are worth their price. Their thickness and durability are hard to come by, especially in sheets. In addition, they are super snug. For people who often feel hot while sleeping, these sheets are cool despite their thickness. Splurging on these beauties will leave you in worthwhile bliss and may make waking up a rather tough job.

Pinzon 100% Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count Sheet Set

This pick comes onto the list as the best pick in terms of material, being made out of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is indisputably one of the best picks for bed sheet material. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that numerous companies spiel their brands to be of Egyptian Standard even if they aren’t genuine Egyptian Cotton.

It goes with a number of attestations that all these claims are invalid and are nothing compared to the real deal. These sheets are a complete set, comprising of an excellent, well-tailored hem like most exorbitant sheets. The pockets are also subaqueous, going as far as seventeen inches and are best washed using a machine. Made from airy fabric, they make certain that you don’t get hot at night or cause discomfort.

Consumers uphold this sheet based on this ability. In general, The Egyptian Cotton sheets from Pinzon are an obvious recommendation. They live up to their renowned reputation and are a valuable investment.

Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit Bed Sheets Set

These admirable Brielle Cotton jersey knit sheets have been a click for a large number of clients. Owing to this is their efficacy to keep warm during the cold winter season and cool in summer. Additionally, they are especially soft. Most consumers will give you outstanding sentiments that aren’t easy overlook.

True to their word, they are perfectly comfortable, snug and go for a reasonable price. In case you’re wondering, they also come in an array of colors. These high standard sheets are also tough, perdurable and exceptionally soft. Cleaning the sheets is very simple since they are washable with cold water and they can also be easily tumble dried ( in the dryer of course). The deep pockets ensure that the sheets don’t slide off the mattress while sleeping.

They are purchasable in a different color picks to complement whichever ornamentation. They also have different and customized sizes to meet your needs. Having these lovelies on your bed is the ultimate start for excellent rest.

Pinzon Heavyweight Flannel Bed Sheets

Of all the flannel sheets, this one stands out of the crowd for their comfort and the remarkable durability. The Pinzon HeavyWeight Flannel Bed Sheets are notably comfortable. However, we only put in a good word for them during winter and if you wouldn’t mind keeping your regulator under seventy degrees.

They are quite bulky when sleeping, nearly like the Egyptian Cotton Sheets but they have a softer feel. They are airy enough to keep you warm at night while simultaneously preventing the production of excessive heat. Weighing 190 grams, the chunky velveteen flannel sheets fit the bed without a hitch. These are undeniably the best heavy feeling sheets in the market. We expressly vouch for these sheets during winter. Thank us later.

Brielle Sateen Bed Sheets

The Brielle Sateen Bed Sheets have that distinctive satin feel and are purely made from Rayon. This is an atypical feel from the normal bed sheet. These sheets claim the top spot when it comes to luxury. It is significant to note that they are commonly confused with the most comfortable bed sheets despite their differences.

Moreover, these sheets wrinkle easily, thus you must take care when drying them. The drying process shouldn’t be completely carried case you unintentionally dry then far too long and need to straighten them, make certain that you set the iron on minimum heat.  The sturdy and flexible fiber is used in making these sheets are silky and airy. The sheets are also cool and hardly trap any heat in the sheets, unlike the flannel sheets.

Mellanni Microfiber Bed Sheets

The Mellanni Microfiber Bed Sheets are a debatable pick for some people. The feedback received from users sours it’s reputation contrariwise to their claims. After several weeks, many consumers say that the sheets wear out too thin in particular places, leading to inevitable tears.

The Mellanni Microfiber we selected showcased it’s durability for a while as we considered other brands. However, what causes so much distrust with these sheets is false advertising and marketing gimmicks that lead most people to think that they are purchasing quality sheets although the sheets are merely substandard. They are advertised as the 1800 series, much like the 1800 thread count, which is far from the reality of its quality.

The Mellanni microfiber we tested did stay intact as we tested multiple brands.  Regardless of the bad reviews, these sheets are only worth it when it’s hot. As mentioned before, this is a very thin sheet and frankly, the thinnest sheet on the market. If you’re not a fan of turning on your air conditioner and are in need of a fine sheet, then this is the sheet for you.  Of course, the bamboo sheets are sans pareil, but in the interest of budget and weather, these sheets will just get the job done.

Mellanni Percale 300ct Cotton Bed Sheets Set

These bed sheets have a frangible and breathable feel, much like in their commentary states. Much to client’s pleasure, they are free from any dangerous chemicals and are made purely from cotton. The Mellanni Percale sheets have especially deep pockets, going sixteen inches deep.

Although they aren’t as deep as our first contender, they fit the mattress well enough. The most alluring characteristic of these sheets is their lifespan assurance. If you aren’t satisfied with their product for whatever reason, you can always return them and have them replaced. Practically, they are warm and keep the coolness at night. After being washed a few times, they have an even better feel. These sheets are an amazing pick for children’s rooms or when you are being economical.